Aug 7, 2010

Choking on his dust!

They say we all want our kids to have better and be better, right?

So, why am I having such a hard time adjusting to the fact that Timmy clearly has more potential than I ever had? I'm going to blame it on his age, I think. I mean honestly the kid is only 7 and not only is he much farther than I was at his age in many areas but I'm pretty sure he is nearing my all time peaks in other areas already.

Yeah, yeah, I know ALL moms think they're kids are prodigies. But I'm not staking claims to Nobel Prizes or MLB MVP or anything. I'm just saying that this child's intelligence is slowly leaving mine in the dust.

Clearly, his reading level for a first grader far surpasses mine as I really struggled with reading until after sixth grade and he's already reading at an 8th grade (or higher) level with exceptional comprehension. He pronounces words I stumble over and enjoys reading the Bible, even the Old Testament which I still struggle with.

But then there's a hobby he's developing. His teacher introduced him and some of his classmates to chess last year. He enjoyed it but hasn't done much with it. Last week while at Grandpa N's house he challenged Grandpa to a game, then another. He lost both but I couldn't believe how long he hung in there. His ability to remember the moves, see the possibilities and consider what his opponent might do well outdid what I ever could do when I attempted to learn...when I was around 12! Having not caught on very well at all, I quickly gave up and don't remember a lick of it.

Learn ChessSo now that he has a bit of a passion for an intellectual activity I know nothing about, I did what every good mom would do...I bought him a video game. Yeah, that'll teach him to try and get smarter than me!! Well, actually I bought him THIS video game, to help him improve his skills! He's thrilled with it and although he gets frustrated by being beaten, he's play it quite a bit since I got it couple days ago!


  1. Maybe you should give that game a go when he's sleeping ;).

  2. That's pretty impressive! I cannot play chess to save my life, sad to say. I can remember all the moves and things like that, but I am not good at strategy. I just can't think multiple moves ahead, not even a little. I guess I should prepare for being left in the dust, too.

  3. I'm convinced that my children will grow up and tell me how stupid I am, hahahah!

    You'd better learn to play Chess!

  4. I hear ya! Mine is way smarter than me too! Some times it's more painful than others!

  5. AMEN to abolishing Word Verification!! Thank you!

    Just popping in to let you know you are this week's Date of the Week!!

  6. I'm heading over from Mama's place and just love love love your blog! Maybe it's because up until 2 years ago I was living your testosterone filled life until we were utterly surprised by our pink bundle :)

    I'm your newest follower - can't wait to learn more!

  7. I know how you feel... I'm amazed at what my son can do - and I think some of it is just that ALL kids are further than they were before, but there are definitely some huge gains. Our school district has a great chess program starting in elementary school. Any chance you can get him involved with that?

    Oh - and my Twitter? @honestandtruly :)


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