Aug 10, 2010

I'm deep!

As long as I'm on a roll of admitting my intellectual shortcomings I might as well put it all out there.  You see when it comes to the 'boob tube' I can usually be found watching the BOOBIEST!  Seriously, I am drawn to those things that not only don't take any mental effort to watch, but sometimes I think it literally kills braincells.  I am seriously a reality tv addict.  And as if that's not bad enough, I swear I dig the worst of the worst.

I still watch Real World, but I LOVE the Real World/Road Rules challenges because...well that's where all the REAL drama is.  And Rock of Love, yup, I'm all over it.  Its horrible TV.  I know but I can't stop myself!  And tonight is no exception first I watched Bacholr Pad and then Dating in the Dark.  Having watched this previously I knew what to expect but still couldn't bring myself to change the channel.

On tonights episode, one guy who's evolped like 3 generations BACK from cavemen talked about how a previous girl friend "blew up like a tick" after they had been together a while and she "got comfortable."  He admited to a girl that he'd thought she was "think" and called her a "floater."   It does my heart well to see these quality human beings make complete a$$es of themself.

So there it is,  I have NO class when it comes to TV consumption, I'm as deep as a wading pool.  If you too lack the desire for intellectual viewing, let me know what your favorite shows are right now and we can chat!!


  1. I'm right there with ya. Please tell me you watch the Jersey Shore, lol!

  2. I've actually seen that show, too (I hate to admit to it but ummm I have). It was awful, but I watched it, too. Ok, more than once. It was horrible.

    My other current favorite right now is "Til Debt Do Us Part." At least it's educational? Sorta?

  3. just found you through wisconsin bloggers. Looking forward to following your blog!


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