Aug 31, 2010

I'm losing it!

When I talk to people who are either thinking about having #3 or just generally commenting on us having THREE BOYS, I am always honest an note that I am IN OVER MY HEAD with three.

Seriously, I wasn't a perfect mom with just 2 but I still had it together.  Yeah I'd done some things I swore I'd never do, like use "because I said so" as a completely acceptable answer to...well anything really!  And I let me kids have swords and the like when I swore I never would before having kids.  But for the most part, we had our rules and expectations and I stuck to them.  Rules like, you have to finish eating to get your toy when they get a Happy Meal.  Yeah, yeah toys and bad food I know, I said I wasn't perfect (have I mentioned, I hate to cook). And the always love "you get what you get and you don't get upset."  These rules were golden for our two older boys.  Then comes along mi hijo numbero tres and I have given in or given up or something.

Last night, I stopped on the way home and against my better judgement got three Happy Meals, which are currently featuring Batman toys for boys. (Don't ask me what they have for girls because I haven't paid attention to that in years unless of course they have the nerve to slip us a girly toy by mistake.)

When I got home Johnny tore open a box to discover he'd gotten the much coveted BATMAN!
Bryan was thrilled and rushed to his box to get to his BATMAN, but sadly found just another JOKER, which we already had several of.
I immediately began trying to explain to my 2 year old that we'd simply keep Joker and try to exchange it next time as we've done in the past.  But that didn't sound like a quick enough resolution, I guess.  He was not happy.  No biggie, I just promised him we'd go after we ate.  WAIT!  WHAT?? Did I just hear that come out of my mouth?  I just got home.  I needed to do laundry, why did I make sure an offer?!?!?
Eh, I figured, I'll get myself a Arctic Orange shake to complete the meal o' calories and then EVERYONE will be happy.  So after eating, I took the lil man, and the TWO jokers we got (the toys, not my kids) and off to McDonald's I went.  For the second under an hour!!
Thinking they wouldn't be thrilled with me attempting this transaction through the drive thrum I get Bryan out of the car, why exactly did I say I'd take him with me? It was still like nine hundred degrees with two thousand percent humidity (lol, I promise unlike the girls on Maury who are always 1000% sure they know who their baby daddy is, I realize 200% humidity is a mathmatical impossibility, I just feel the need to make the point clear) and getting a 35 pound two year old in and out of my car is even less enjoyable than getting him in and out of the van.  But nonetheless we plod into the resturant and I casually make my resquest to exchange the Jokers
for 2 Batman.

And then she tells me they don't have any!  And then she was kind enough to check, no luck!  A trip all the way back to McDonald's for a stupid Batman, for nothing!! Well not for nothing, they were out of Artic Orange but I did get McFlurries for everyone.  But I'm still scratching my head and wondering WTH has happened to me in the last two years! Where exacty did I lose my marbles, because I'd kind of like them back now!!


  1. I think it was so sweet of you to even make the trip! I just wish Batman had been there!

  2. We're just in survival mode, trying to make it through one day at a time. Hang in there, girl.

  3. OMGOSH I could have written this post!! I had sucha well-oiled machine running with my first two...I rarely swore and the rules were almost always followed. Since Threepeat was born, everything has gone to hell in a handbasket. I swear, I yell and the rules are out the window. Hubster and I joke that Threepeat will be in jail by age ten...I am beginning to think that ain't no joke! God forbid.

    Anyway, we had the same issue with McD's toys when it was the Marvel Comics figures. We got Hulk and 4 Spideys...Threepeat threw several fits because he never got Ironman...oh the horror!

    When you find your marbles, please send some my way? I lost mine looooong ago!!

  4. WoW! Then they didn't have it. I noticed they've been out of stuff alot lately. I went the other day to get 2 happy meals & the gave me one in a bag and the other in a box. That was grounds for a sibling rilvary war! Thankfully my oldest is old enough.

  5. I have two boys, and they keep me busy. The 2 1/2 year old is so sweet, but has such a temper! The 8 month old is pretty happy and chill, but we'll see what he is like as he gets older. All I know is, my husband and I agree we are done! I know I couldn't handle another child, especially if it was another boy. Hehe...and I used to think I wanted 5 kids!

  6. I have 2 boys (2 and 4) and there is NO way I could handle another one. I have been through pretty much this same situation and the sad thing is that my kids won't even eat McDonalds food. They really just want the toys. Brillant marketing on their part!

    Hang in there!

  7. I can definitely relate except for the fact that I stupidly went ahead and had FOUR boys! WTH was I thinking??? If you think 3 is bad, throw another one in the mix! It's pure craziness!

    And if I have to hear my 7 year old ask me again for these stupid "Batman Brave and the Bold" toys again, I am going to LOSE IT for real!!!


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