Aug 4, 2010

Wallables review

Wallables are 3-dimensional sculpted wall d├ęcor products made out of soft and "eco-friendly" polyurethane foam made from US grown soybeans. They attach to any flat surface with our easy on, easy off Velcro patch, allowing  Wallables to be removed and repositioned. Wallables are safe and have passed both the ASTM and CE toy safety standards. Wallables are interactive, they can even help teach young children the alphabet! Wallables glow in the dark creating a warm feeling environment at night and their soft surface make them very inviting for small hands to touch, feel and experience.

When I saw this photo in part of the promotional information for Wallables I thought they were cute.  BUT THEN...I saw the full line and new the boys would LOVE Wallables.

We recieved a Buzz Lightyear Wallables, which couldn't be more perfect for Bryan.  We don't really have a solid theme for their room but the boys have star wars bedding so I justify that Buzz Lightyear fits in there since its space related!  But if you want to do a full Toy Story, Princess or many of other lines themed decor, Wallables has TONS of options!!!

When I opened the box with our Wallables in it, Bryan was SO excited. I couldn't get it out fast enough for him!
He immediately grabbed Buzz and started playing with him...then I noticed he and now Buzz were covered in orange Cheetos grossness!  Although Wallables are supposed to be washable I still worried that the orange might have permanently stained the white areas but it all wiped off totally clean, and very easily.

As you can see, Bryan was way to into actually playing with Buzz to let me get a good posed photo.
After awhile I was able to convince him to let me help him find a good home where we could attach him to the wall.  We chose a spot right by the lightswitch in the boys room.  It was a good place for us because it let me put it low enough for Bryan to be able to reach and be able to pull him down or put him back without being in the way of anything else.  Buzz only stayed here long enough to snap this picture and then he was back off...To Infinity And Beyond! 
Bryan LOVES this latest addition to his Buzz Lightyear collection.  He even joined us for a short road trip and kept Bryan busy for a good amount of time...until he fell out of reach!

You can find Wallables in Toys R Us stores, to find a store near you use the Store Locator.

Disclosure:  The product(s) featured in this review was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way. SP


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