Sep 8, 2010

David Garrett, Rock Symphonies CD review

Rock Symphonies, the latest release from best-selling classical artist David Garrett, breathes new life into the classic music genre. A unique blend of classic violin music and contemporary rock songs, Rock Symphonies is a moving celebration of Garrett’s two loves: classical music and the rock-and-roll songs of his generation.
A child prodigy born in Germany, Garrett has been amazing fans around the world since he was a young boy. By age 12, Garrett was playing on stage with the London Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Russian National Orchestra. His self-titled debut album, David Garrett, debuted in the states at #1 on the Classical Crossover Chart and held the position for 31 solid weeks in 2009.

When I received the invitation to review David Garrett's new album I was very curious.  I am NOT  a classical music fan.  But I had to give it a listen and to be honest, I liked it.  It's not something I would pick everyday but for me its important to be open to a variety of music, especially for my kids.  The kids were fairly indifferent to it as we listened in the car.  No complaints but no real reaction at all.  I intentionally set it to a song I know my husband likes while he was out of the car to see his reaction.  He was not thrilled with hearing that particular song in that style and may have started to think I'd lost my mind.  But when we went on to listen to other songs he thought it was sort of cool.  It's definitely something new and different.  And I applaud David Garrett for making the step to try to mix things up and expose a whole new group of people to something new!

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