Sep 29, 2010

We Fought the Law...

Ok, really we just fought the school system, but still, we LOST!

After today's meeting it has been determined that Timmy will stay exactly where he's at in our school and will continue doing what his teacher deems appropriate to give to him as work. The down side to this...we now have some issue with her techniques and the apparent bad habits it is teaching our second grader. Maybe a teacher out there can help me understand the benefits of the way things are done in our son's classroom but for now we only see that they're negatively affecting him.

In their class all work is returned to the students to have them correct their errors. I GET this! It makes sense that we learn from our mistakes. But she gives full credit for fixed errors. So my son brought home a test that is now marked at a 105% but he originally got FIVE wrong!?!?!? I could maybe see partial credit, but with this method what exactly is the incentive to take the time to get it right the first time?

Then during our meeting the teacher brought out a stack of papers from his desk that were in his "to be finished" folder and said that when he doesn't like a paper he simply stuffs it in his folder. Ok, clearly not completing work is an issue. But every day he brings home a colored slip that we must sign indicating how he did that day. And he brings home a green slip everyday! EVERYDAY! So why wouldn't a teacher send home a yellow slip (warning) or even a red slip (OOPS) letting us know that work isn't being finished? Why are we sending him the message that his performance is essentially perfect, if it isn't?? And how are we, as parents supposed to know about this if we're not told. I mean, he is, after all a SECOND GRADER, he won't improve without some correction.
EDITED: after further discussion with his teacher apparently this unfinished work is the norm for the class so I don't know why it was even brought to this meeting?

And now, he will remain exactly where he is. H e was given the end of the year testing and because we had issues with his meds it went pretty badly so combined with the issues his teacher brought to the meeting and the testing he clearly isn't ready for advancement. And I get that. His writing skills are pretty much right at grade level so that's what we'll focus on this year to keep him challenged.

But he'll still be doing twice as much work instead compared to a majority of work.
And I'm frustrated. But we'll make the most of the year and see what happens.


  1. how frustrating!! Look here - click on About Us, then School Network. Are you near any of those?
    The good news is you guys are great parents who are doing everything you can for your kids education! It sounds like the teacher doesn't want to put forth the effort..

  2. I'd be frustrated too based on what you're saying here! It sounds like such a crazy system of doing things. I hope it gets better though.

  3. Hmm - as a former teacher (and now someone who supervises new teachers), I too would have a problem with the lack of communication on the teacher's part. If he is getting all "greens", how are you to know that there is an issue? And why did she wait until YOU had called a meeting to bring it up?

    And personally, I've never gotten the whole give-full-credit-for-corrected-answers thing. Partial credit, yes. Full credit - not so much.


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