Oct 15, 2010

Enstrom's Almond Toffee

Enstrom's Story

Three generations ago, Chet Enstrom perfected the art of blending the finest natural ingredients to create batches of almond toffee as gifts for family and friends. By 1960, his almond toffee had begun to develop a reputation and, at the urging of family and friends, Chet and his wife, Vernie, founded Enstrom Candies in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Over the years. the business has grown and been passed down from generation to generation. The family still follows the same original recipe for the almond toffee that Chet perfected almost 60 years ago. The family has also created a delectable selection of fine chocolates, which like the toffee, is blended with only the freshest natural ingredients to create luxurious and unique creations that are shipped around the world.
Today, Chet’s granddaughter, Jamee and her husband, Doug Simons, oversee the operation out of Grand Junction and Chet’s grandson Rick, and his wife Linda, manage the Denver stores. This third generation continues to take pride in creating truly exceptional confections and still operates with the philosophy begun by Chet over 60 years ago; that they’re just making a little Almond Toffee for a few of their friends.

But the real story is the toffee.  I am personally not a toffee fan.  I just have texture issues with nuts in my chocolate.  I know, I know I am missing out on a host of chocolate treats because of it.  But I shared a box of Entrom's Almond Toffee with several toffee lovers, including my stepmom and my son and they LOVED it.  I might have tried a teeny tiny piece and form my limited experience it was better than others I've tried. 
I also have to say that you get a lot in a box. I know when its boxed by wieght it should just go without saying, a pound is a pound.  But haven't you ever bought a box of candy and thought..."really? this is a POUND?"  No?  Maybe it's just me but most companies seem like they must include the weight of the box, the wrappers, and maybe even a finger or two when they box up a pound of candy. This is NOT the case with Enstrom. 


If you are like me and not a toffee lover, don't worry, Enstrom has tons of other varieties such as this delicious looking all Peppermint Cookie Bark!  I think I might have to buy some for the holidays.  You know for guests!  Or me, you know, however it works out!!

Looking for gift ideas for the hard to shop for person on your list?  Check out Enstrom's many gift ideas here for gift boxes, baskets or tins.

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  1. I AM a toffee fan and their toffee is phenomenal!


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