Oct 7, 2010

Finding My Way

Yesterday I wrote about feeling LOST!  I have to say that it was feelig I DID NOT like.  I got to the point that I didn't even feel that I should be driving.  I ended up having a friend pick me up to her way out to an appt she had to get her haircut, just to get out.  As we sat and chatted while she got her haircut (which looked super cute by the way) I picked out some hair color to do at home and we talked about a new style for me.  When the stylist was done she said she'd stay a bit late to do a cut for me...so I did it.  This is my new style.  My friend made me promise to get up this morning, do my hair, put in my contact and put on some make up.  So I did.  Cuz she scares me, ya know!  I'm kidding of course.  But while I am still struggling with the impending anniversary of my mother's passing as well as some financial stuff and other family drama, I'm feeling better today.  I know, I'll make it through to the other side.  Pretty much like I always do.  Tonight or tomorrow I will do the color and I'll share another photo.  It should be pretty dramatic, but you'll have to wait to see.

And in case you don't remember what my hair did look like this was from last week.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better.

    Your hair looks FAB! Can't wait to see the colour!

  2. LOVE it! I also love B's smile in that second picture!!


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