Oct 14, 2010

Natalie Tinti, Sewing a Friendship

Natalie Tinti is a very special ten year old. This fifth grader at Vintage Hills Elementary School in San Diego has just finished writing and illustrating her second book and is now collaborating on the production of a third.

Her Sewing a Friendship series focuses on helping kids who are lonely and unhappy and don’t know how to make friends.

Her award winning illustrations show amazing characters and tell phenomenal stories that contain a special message – that friendships are created when you have the courage to include others in the important parts of your life.

Her stories chronicle the adventures and challenges of a group of seven year old friends. Their goal is to use their imagination, talents, and the powers of nature to overcome the mysterious challenges they face.

Available at Amazon and other bookstores online. 

Sewing a Friendship 1
88 pages, ISBN 978-0-9842625-1-9

The four best friends, who are seven-year-old girls, are super excited about the start of summer! Their adventure begins with getting out of school and talking about a pink sleepover. But things do not run smoothly when nine-year-old Kiki, the rival girl, gets in the way by uninviting the girls to a famous fashion show. When she mentioned, "But of course you're not invited. What a shame! Ha," the girls dash to Sokron's house to talk of how they could be in the fashion show also. "We can use newspapers, leaves, flowers, floppy toys, dog hair, candy wraps, super glue, peanut butter, and gel,..." excitedly pasted Jonsy, as she started to list ideas. Everything seemed as though it would work out, except one little thing: an invitation stated that every team must have five people and their model should be at least nine years old.

Sewing a Friendship 2
180 pages, ISBN 978-0-9842625-3-3

Do you believe that kids can do remarkable things when they set their minds to it? With a little of mystery and humor, Grandma, spy-dog, and Feng Shui five best friends sure do, in the story, Sewing a Friendship 2. "Agent 55: We're all done for!" whispered the spy-dog, Dogon, to his Master, Babushka, after he delivered secret agent notes to the four best friends of Nina, who was injured. Trying to help Nina with her injury, the girls started to look for ways to help her feel better: "Umm...clean her room? Play Monopoly or Scramble? Read a scary book? Dance? No, wait, I got it!! Let's make up a story!" one of Nina's friends exclaimed. And the girls created their imagination stories full of fun and excitement with different characters, unique talents, and powers of elements to help heal Nina, but little do they know something is missing in order to fully heal her.

I am blown away by the talent Natalie has.  The stories are well written for her age and I love the details.  But the illustrations are AMAZING.  The colors are fun and the drawings are so detailed.  Natalie clearly has a great attention to detail as she has better character development as a fifth grader than I've seen in many books written by adults.
But for me the BEST part of these books is the power they have to prove to my own kids that if you have a dream and you are dedicated to working hard for it, there is a way to do it regardless of your age, where you come from etc.  I can't even imagine how overwhelmingly proud of Natalie her parents must be.  Show your support to an amazing young author and possibly inspire a child you know by picking up one of Natalie's books. I promise you won't be disappointed.


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