Oct 27, 2010

Shout Product Review

People who know me, know that I work hard to keep my kids active and usually having fun. We are always on the go. But sometimes my fun side and my frugal side collide. As people who know me, also know I'm forever on my kids to not get stuff on their clothes. You see, always being on the go means I don't have much time at home and I really do not like spending what time I DO have trying to get stains of the kids clothes. But since I haven't won the lottery I can't really afford to buy a new wardrobe every month either. So I do my best to have play clothes that they can be in and I just don't worry about it. But sometimes, you just don't want to take your kids somewhere in their grubby play clothes, like a family reunion, but they are going to be playing and inevitably getting dirty. And then there's things like baseball pants. I kid you not these things are the bane of my existence. I can't exactly yell about the grass stains when they were made while diving for a line drive. But I don't really want the evidence of this catch left there for the next game either. What's a mom to do?? I have to admit we have some pants that are permanently stained. They went through the wash without any sort of pretreatment many moons ago. But Shout recently sent me some gold in a bottle. 
Shout Advanced Laundry Stain Remover, Ultra Concentrated Gel (Pack of 3) 8.7oz

It looks like this but it sounds like this ::cha-ching:::

That's the sound of it saving me money on new baseball pants!  It didn't get rid of my forever ago set in grass stains COMPLETELY, I'll be honest (what can I say I'm no Billy Mays) but it took care of them enough that I can let the boys wear them to a game without feeling like a total slacker/dirt ball.

In a word where video games are king, its sometimes hard to feel good about what our kids are doing in their "play" time.  For us, it is important to be outside and active as much as possible.  But when we're inside really enjoy learning toys and games, like those at Growing Tree Toys.  Not that there's really ANY bad play, because there's learning to be done no matter how you play.  But I think diversity is key.  

Do you have kids who tired quickly of being outside (I have ONE).  Then the 52 Activities in Nature card set might be the perfect thing for you.  There is something perfect for everyone to help them enjoy their time outdoors.  Even my nonoutdoors loving son!!

52 Activities in Nature (52 Series)52 Activities in Nature (52 Series)
This charmingly illustrated deck of cards describes 52 games, activities and art projects for children to do in nature. From educational to just plain fun, these cards are a convenient size to carry in a backpack.
These activities are just right for:
  • A backyard
  • A national park
  • A patch of grass
  • A group of kids
  • Single kids
  • Big kids
(Amazon recommended age:Ages 4-8)

Still need ideas, or just want to talk with other moms, who are ready to get their kids to "Go Play?"   Check out Shout's "Go Play" campaign on their facebook page here.  Check out the offers tab while you're there fro savings from Shout.

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