Oct 11, 2010

The Whole Truth, WEDNESDAYS 10|9c

In "The Whole Truth," Jimmy and Kathryn defend and prosecute individuals without knowing with certainty if they are innocent or guilty.  Their roles on opposite sides of the courtroom force them to argue for or against the defendant regardless of the truth.  As revealed at the end of each show, in spite of their strong convictions about the defendant's innocence or guilt, they are often ultimately proved wrong.
I think this is the main reason that despite, spending several years in later elementary school declaring my desire to be a lawyer, I never pursued that path.  First of all, I'm not a fighter.  I get all sorts of crazy physical symptoms when I know that I WILL need to fight.  Of course, the exception to that rule would be my immediate family.  I will fight to the death (not literally obviously) when we disagree and I think I'm right.  Whenever possible I will search for some sort of proof (usually online) that I am in deed right.  Once in awhile, this does tend to come back to bite me in the butt.  And, man I HATE when that happens. I know, I'm only human and the simply law of averages says I simply can't be right all the time.  But I still HATE it. 
I honestly can't remember any of the specifics of these types of..."discussion" in our house.  I am thinking I've blocked them out because I remember it happening, I just can't remember what we disagreed on.

Do you "fight" like this in your house, 100% committed to your stance only to eventually be proven wrong?

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