Nov 18, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 18

Day 18: Your views on gay marriage.

I have to tell you the truth, I didn't read the full list of questions when I decided to do this challenge.  If I had...I may have reconsidered!  I didn't realize how hard some of these questions would be. 
I fear being totally truthful hear may not win everyone over.  As a Christian I think that marriage IS supposed to be between a man and woman.  I believe that is what's Biblical.  While I know that there are many things from the Bible that have changed, I'm not sure that I believe that the Biblical definition of marriage is one we should add to that list. 
However, I think that some of the grounds on which people against marriage are standing are absurd.  The claims that gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage...?? I'm really not sure there is any sanctity left and that has NOTHING to do with gay marriage at all.  The sad divorce statics are NOT a result of anything even remotely tied to gay marriage.  So while I don't think it's the Biblical view of marriage, I don't think there are many Biblical marriages left anyway (percentage wise in our country) so I'm not at all convinced there is any reason it shouldn't be allowed.  I don't personally see how its any different than a straight couple living together before marriage (which I personally have done).  That's not Biblical either but there are no political debates on this topic.  Yes, I know there are some legal differences, health benefits etc.  But if we're saying we're banning it because it's wrong...shouldn't we ban all other things that are equally 'wrong,' Biblically speaking? 

**In case you missed my post here, I am taking part in a challenge called 30 Days of Truth. Each day in November I will write about a given topic of truth as it relates to me.


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