Nov 6, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth review

The Greatest Show on Earth, and that's no lie!!  We've been to the circus a few times and I don't know how but it seems to get better each year. 
This year we arrived early to get down on the floor and check out the preshow.  I have to say I am NOT big on big crowds and rude people so I'm not sure I'd rush to get there in the future. But we DID get some pretty cute pictures with the clowns.
There were also costumes out that you could try on, some trapeze acts going, temporary tattoos, the elephant painting, and one of the motorcycles that the kids could sit on and get photos. 
But it was a tight squeeze and there were a ton of inconsiderate people. So only you can decide how important the preshow is, whether it's worth it or not.  We were also surprised that with the preshow starting an hour before show that the stadium doors were still only opened an hour before also.  Not a huge deal really except that it was pouring the night we went.

My camera battery was almost dead when we got there so I didn't get many photos at all. But it was a GREAT show!  Some of the big boys (including my husband's) favorite parts were the motorbikes in the cage and this motorcycle on the highwire.  We were RIGHT under the motorcycle as the photo is an uncropped view of the bike right above us.  He flipped around the wire just above our heads.  The motorbikes in the cage (the big giant ball) was pretty cool as they put more bikes in there then I've ever seen before!  It is intense enough that the thought crosses my mind, what would I do if this doesn't go well in front of my kids?

If you've never been to a Ringling Bros circus, it is truly indescribable how there is always something going on and often  more things than you can watch going on at once.  The time goes so quickly while we're watching, its amazing!

I mentioned the big boys favorite parts.  I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite, I love the artistry of it all really.  And Bryan's favorite part was the elephants.


  1. Your son would really enjoy learning about The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee, they have a live webcam and you can watch the elephants walking through the knobs. Tara the elephant and her best friend Bella a yellow dog, live together roaming 2700 acres. Tara and Bella have a facebook page too.

    My whole family learned so much about elephants.
    One of the qualities that set elephants apart as animals and evoke a sense of kinship to human beings is that of emotion. Elephants are capable of sadness, joy, love, jealousy, fury, grief, compassion, distress and rage.

  2. Oh how sad about the rude people. We never remember to get there early, but I was planning to do so this year. Maybe I won't after hearing that. What a bummer. Did they do the elephant painting again?

    I love the clown noses. My wee ones won't go anywhere NEAR the noses. Bummer.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing about the elephant sanctuary. I have subscribed to their channel on youtube and will show my little man when I get a chance!! very cool!!


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