Dec 27, 2010

BFF Aren't Just for High School

When you're in school, life revolves around your "best friend."  Some people have one best friend from preschool until forever.  But I was never one of those people, between changing schools, moving and just general growing and changing I had many best friends over the years.  However, once I finished school I usually lacked a true BFF.  I had some amazing friends, don't get me wrong.  I have maintained friendships from highschool and we try to get together on a semiregular basis and usually laugh until we nearly pee ourselves.  But I didn't have the, talk everyday, get together all the time kind of friend.  For awhile I thought this was simply part of growing up.  And honestly in these years my mom was my best friend.  But as my mom grew ill and I didn't feel I could go to her with my petty issues when she was going through something so massive, there was a definite hole.  But whether you believe it was God's direct hand in answering my prayers or freak coincidence, as my mo was slowly taken from me, a great new friendship was also being given to me.  Mind you, I am in NO way shape or form saying one was a replacement for the other, but it was just what I needed, just when I needed it.

She will likely kill me for sharing this photo of her, but this is my best friend (and her husband).  She's the kind of best friend who convinces you you CAN pull off pink highlights, bakes you cookies or cakes just because, sits and pulls her hair out while trying to order the NKOTB tickets you're dying for while you enjoy a breakfast with Santa while not hearing the cry of your phone with her paniked calls and still feels like she owes you something because you watch her dog (who is ADORABLE) when she goes home for the holidays.

If you're like me and have convinced yourself that BFFs are only for highschoolers, believe me when I say that you're never too old for a truly amazing friend!!  The kind that you really can call day or night.  The kind of friend who truly lives up to this idea...


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