Dec 23, 2010

Holiday Photo Tips from Samsung

Photo Tip 1 - Face Detection

If you’re taking a group photo of family or friends, be sure to turn on face detection.

A popular feature found on many compact digital cameras, face detection is a built-in feature that allows the camera to recognize faces in a scene. When the camera recognizes a face, it’s outlined by a box and the camera automatically adjusts its settings to ensure that all your subjects’ faces are properly exposed and in focus. This is a surefire way to guarantee you’ll get the best shot possible every time.  All cameras are different, so do consult your manual regarding the number of faces your camera can detect as well as other interesting face detection technologies such as blink detection.

Photo Tip 2 – Staging Photos

Of course, look for opportunities to snap candid photographs, but also try to get creative by staging a photo. One example is taking a generational image, which can be quite remarkable and emotional especially with a holiday-centric background. If you’re lucky enough to have your extended family together for the day, take a photo that shows the breadth of your family, specifically a shot with the greatest of grandparents to the greatest of children! This is sure to be a memorable photo that the whole family will cherish for years to come.

Photo Tip 3 – Capturing a Warm Smile

Nothing makes for a better picture than capturing a subject’s warm smile.  Photographing a subject’s smile can give others insight into that subject’s personality. 

Samsung recognizes the value in capturing smiles and outfits its cameras with “Smile Shot” technology.  The Smile Shot feature automatically adjusts, focuses, and triggers the camera to take a photo only when a smile is detected on the subjects’ faces.  To activate Smile Shot simply turn the camera on, switch the mode dial to “auto mode,” press the “Fn” button which will bring you to a list of options you can change.  Click on the “face detection” option and you’ll see a smiley face icon that will engage Smile Shot.  All you have to do is point your camera at your subject and wait for a smile!

More information about Samsung’s Smile Shot feature and its complete camera models can be found at

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