Jan 19, 2011

The Game of the Century, Chicago Bears v Greenbay Packers

To my nonfootball loving readers, my apologies but in our house this week is ALL ABOUT the football.  If you don't keep track of football, this weekend there will be two games which will decide this year's SuperBowl teams.  However, its quite possible that the game this weekend between the Chicago Bears and the Greenbay Packers may be more watched AND talked about then the SuperBowl its self.  Bears and Packers fans are some dedicated and enthusiastic people.  And there's nothing we are more enthusiastic about than our rivalry against each other.

So this Sunday's game is getting a TON of hype.  Talk is that tickets will be going for well over $1,500 a ticket.  And everyone is trying to get in on the action as fans on both sides rev up to show their team spirit.  Even Eli's cheesecake jumped on this one with this game inspired package currently available on their site.

Although the Bears earned the Division Championship and there for home field advantage, clearly this will be a hard fought game on both sides.  Of course, I've got faith in our Bears, so I'm calling for a win!
Oh yeah and there's another game, with some other teams*, one of which our Bears will play in the Superbowl after they beat the Packers!

*For the record I Do actually know how they are, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers will play for the AFC Championship

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  1. I can't imagine how crazy it is by you, but living in Green Bay, it is BEYOND crazy...almost as if we are playing the Vikings and Favre...but it will be a great game! GO PACK GO!


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