Feb 3, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Well, they weren't lying about this storm.  It was wicked!  We got about 20 inches of snow but the wind was the craziest part.  It had me really worried we'd lose power as our power flickered not once, not twice but three times.  I ended up cracking up the heat, thinking if it went out, at least it'd give us a little more time before we would freeze to death.  But it never even blimped again.

Today we're all enjoying our second snow day as they are still struggling to keep all the roads safe even though the snow stormed 24 hours ago.  It's also super super cold.

Here are some photos...
Trying to get home Tuesday night, this was just the START of it.

The view out our front window later Tuesday night.  You can see my husband out there if you REALLY look.

This was Wednesday morning, when it was mostly over. (You can see what it looked like before the storm on my prestorm post.)

This is our front door!  We couldn't get out it!

Our van

Our neighbors front door

Since we couldn't get out the front door the boys had to go out the back and walk around to dig us out.

One shovel ended up missing, so my husband ran (not really) to the neighbors to get the shovel they borrowed from us.  Timmy worked to hand dig his way back in the house because it was too much work to walk all the way back around the house.

And just before I thought he might literally have a heartattack, the neighbor came over with a snowblower and helped with the end of the driveway where the plow had buried us in even more.

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  1. It was really wicked, right? Crazy.

    Hey! Do you still need a roomie for BlogHer?


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