Feb 15, 2011

DuWop Cosmetics.

You know 'they' say to never judge a book by it's cover.  But I totally do.  I pick book by their cover, sports teams by their uniforms...and I totally pick products by their names.  I can easily be lured in my a great name.  And tell me DuWop makeup, isn't a great name.  When I think of makeup, I am definitely looking for something light and fun.  I suppose there is that market looking for something that inspire visions of rotting death (you know what I'm talking about) but for me a make up that makes me want a sing and move my hips sounds MUCH more appealing.  Then I got into the product descriptions and when I actually laughed out loud at one.  I was totally sold.  Check out the for their lip product below and tell me it doesn't make you chuckle. 

Created out of the needs and desires of T.V. stars on a hit show in 1998, DuWop is a line of cosmetics that addresses your longings for luscious lips, smooth, flawless skin, and enviable, youthful-looking eyes. Founded by makeup artist Cristina Bartolucci, DuWop Cosmetics seeks to give you the products missing from the current market that will forever change the way you see makeup.

Inspired by the full, pouty lips actors had after passionate kissing scenes, Bartolucci created a lip gloss that would mimic this bee-stung effect. DuWop lip plumpers are the first of their kind. The Lip Venom super sizes the pout through the use of natural essential oils instead of harsh or irritating ingredients.

DuWop Venom Flash - Gold

about the product
Get bee-stung lips without the pain. DuWop Venom Flash - Gold uses a blend of naturally plumping essential oils combined with glossing and nourishing oils for the ultimate glamorous look. Gold leaves a warm, gold shimmer and a rosy glow.

Disclaimer: As part of the campaign sharing the information about DuWop, I have been entered for a chance to win a DuWop makeup prize package.


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