Feb 22, 2011

Making Fun Happen with Coupon Shopping

I regularly get comments and questions from friends and family about how we manage to do all the things that we do on such a tight budget.  Sometimes, these comments are really a somewhat veiled attempt to let me know they disapprove or think I am mismanaging our finances.  But since we pay our mortgage and other bills, keep our kids fed and clothed AND in more activities than we can often keep straight, I think anything else I do with my money is really of no one's concern.
But sometimes, the asker really wants to know, how do you do it, because I want to be able to to.  In that case, I like to do my best to offer a real, and helpful answer.  First and foremost I try to be up front about the many opportunities we've had in the last year to do things for free (or just the cost of parking) because of my blog.
Beyond that, I try really hard to save money on the things I have to buy so that I can afford to the things I WANT to do.  I began clipping coupons, and even get two copies of the Sunday paper delivered.  I didn't become an extreme couponer who buys something just cuz it's a great deal but will make an extra trip and stock up on several packages of something we will use, like diapers when they are on a great sale. 
And since, I work full time in front of a computer, I do a lot of my shopping (especially Christmas and birthday shopping) online.  And I NEVER pay full price online.  I shop around and I always check for Coupon Codes before I hit that purchase button.  For me it's not about going without really at all. It's just about spending less on the things we buy to have money left to do the stuff that creates the memories!


  1. Don't you hate when people question how you spend? That's so annoying! I wish I was better at couponing!

  2. Great post! I'm not too good
    at couponing. Wish I were.
    I'm following from the blog hop.
    I'd love a follow back at www.mikaspantry.blogspot.com


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