Feb 28, 2011

Monday Mingle, 2/28/11

This week’s questions {week of 2/28/11}:
1. Do you have Spring flowers (or any flowers) blooming in your yard right now? Show us!
Flowers?  No. Not unless we made some out of snow!  It's still freezing here!

2. Are you watching American Idol this season? What do you think about the new judges?
I am watching, just like I have since Season One!!  And I have to say I was prepared for this to be my last season because I loved Simon's brutal honesty, but I LOVE the new judges. I love the emotion of the show now.  I think it looks like it may very well be the best season evah!!
3. Tell us something that happened to you last week!
Well last week my big excitement was braving a trip into the city all by myself. Well, the trip was by myself, when I got to the train station I met fellow blogger Michelle at the train station, then we walked to the other station to meet Melisa.  Together we grabbed a cab and met up for a night of pampering with a bunch of other bloggers.  I have a full post about the evening coming this week. But I am still pretty proud of myself for making the trip. I will NOT drive into the city so I took the train, which I actually did a couple month's ago too but that was on a weekend.  This trip had me hopping on a train home at 10:35 at night.  There were some interesting incidents on the train ride but I made it safely!  And I love that I am stepping out of my comfort zone and not turning these opportunities down anymore.

The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom



  1. I love getting to know you better with these memes

  2. This is s fun meme. I would love to go out with some fellow bloggers. Maybe someday.

  3. Hey Lisa! Good for you, girl. FYI, I have my flight booked and wanted to know if you wanted to semi-coordinate so that we are arriving at around the same time in San Diego? Maybe we could share a cab or something...

  4. I wish we has some bloggers that lived closer so I could go out with them. Well I guess I do, I'm just too shy to go out with them. Good Job adventuring out

  5. That's awesome that you took the train into the city. I love breaking out of my comfort zone. It really makes me feel alive.

  6. We have snow here too. Good for you for taking the trip! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  7. I've missed the last 3 weeks of Mingling due to a cold and being pressed for time. I hope to join next week and pick back up again. There's no chance of flowers blooming here either and I used to watch American Idol when we had our tv hooked up for regular programming. :)

  8. Good for you for stepping outside your comfort zone and meeting up with other bloggers. I think I'm still too much of a hermit ;) I'm working on it though lol
    Have a good week!


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