Mar 15, 2011

The 31 Day Photo Challenge, Day 15

Thanks to It's Gravy Baby, I am taking part in a 31 Day Photo Challenge in March.  Visit her blog if you'd like to participate too, do one day or all of them, it's up to you.  Check out all my Photo Challenge posts here

Day 15: Something that bugs you.
Ok this is totally a two for one. I LOVED Full House. I still watch it in reruns so I just HAD to use this graphic to symbolize what bugs the crap out of me.  RUDE PEOPLE.  I don't know why I am ever surprised by it anymore but I am constantly taken back my how rude people can be.  It truly seems like it's getting worse every year.  And people are letting their kids be ruder younger and younger. 

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  1. I have seen this time and time again and it's appalling. The parents are not only setting a bad example for their children they're also condoning their nasty behavior.

  2. I loved this show growing up! I totally agree. I was just in the grocery store yesterday with my kids and there was a lady in a wheelchair. My daughter just happened to glance her way and she must have felt offended because she started talking down to my daughter. She is lucky I'm a nice person who doesn't like to start fights. I just grabbed my daughter and as we were walking away, I told her that to never mind that lady's rudeness and that she was obviously having a bad day and was taking it out on her for whatever reason. *sigh* I can never understand it when an adult will be rude to children. So uncalled for!


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