Mar 2, 2011

American Idol Top 12 Guys Perform

I'm not musically talented. I can't carry a tune to save my life. I can't tell you whether the performers on American Idol are sharp or flat. What I DO know, is what I like. I LOVE music, of many varieties. Most commonly my radio station is turned to a station that plays Kesha, Usher, Black Eyed Peas and the like. But I also have a deep love for country music. 

It's that love of country music that makes me love Scotty McCreery.  It doesn't hurt that he seems to be an amazing young man at only 17 years old.  And the fact that he has a crazy low voice that makes me knees buckle.  I'm honestly not sure how he'll fair long term in this competition as I don't know if he'll be able to hang versatility wise when they start having less control over the songs they can chose from.  But I'm confident he will make it into the top 12!  And I'll be loving him all the way.

And I'm not typically a hard core rocker but I do jam out to some Adam Lambert every now and then.  And even had my 3 year old singing "What Do You Want from Me" all the way through Walmart the other night.  There's something about a controlled rocker with true talent, that you can't NOT appreciate.  I'm looking for James Durbin to go far, last 5 is my prediction.  I honestly can say I enjoy James way more than I did Adam at this point in the competition.  It doesn't hurt that I know that James manages these amazing performances despite his struggles with Tourettes and Aspergers. These are the tale that make every mom of a special needs child have a little extra hope!

Paul McDonald is a point of disagreement in our house.  I really enjoyed his performance last night.  He has a very unique sound and I like something different every now and then. My husband on the other hand, NOT a fan  He hopes he goes home quickly.  Sorry Paul!
This is one I'll be interested to see how the votes land.

My husband DOES like Jacob Lusk though! He's calling for him to be a final contender if not the winner.  I think he's adorable and has an amazing voice.  I'm looking at him being top 3 at least. I wouldn't describe his totally unique, not like Paul, but he does have a fairly different style than the rest of the guys in this season.

My husband also love Casey Abrams.  I wasn't blown away last night.  I don't think the song he did was my thing.  But I'll keep an open mind.  And who can't take notice of a guy who is told my Jennifer Lopez that he's sexy.  I think he's won already!

The rest of the guys were all fairly forgettable for me.  I like Brett Loewenstein's voice but I can't stand watching him and his flipping hair perform. 
And I think the only other note worthy performance is worth pointing out for it's suckishness.  Jordan Dorsey did usher's OMG, and it was painful to watch and listen to.  He killed a song I love.  I am not a fan of him personally anyway so I won't be sad if that horrible performance sends him packing.
Here is a quick intro to each of the Top 12 Guys

Watch the Top 12 Girls perform tonight on Fox (added review of the Top 12 Girls perfomaces here) and the results on Thursday. And don't forget to vote on the ending of Jennifer Lopez's new video which will be debuted on Thursday night as well.


  1. Those 5 are my favorite guys, too! I am anxious to watch tonight to see if the girls can even hold a candle. I think this season, the guys are much more talented. We'll see.

  2. I have the show DVRed and haven't watch it yet, but this was fun to read! I'm looking forward to reading what you think about the top 12 girls if you post that as well.


  3. My hubby and I are watching it tonight, we DVR'd it. But James Durbin is my favorite to win, he has an amazing voice, and like my son, he has Tourette's Syndrome, and it would amazing to see someone go far despite it. It's nice to be able to show my son (he also has ADHD) that he shouldn't let these things hold him back.
    My other 2 favorites are also Scotty McCreery and Casey Abrams. My husband likes those 3 and Paul Mcdonald. The guys are really good this year. The only girl that really stands out for me is Lauren (the blonde one who is 16) the rest of the girls aren't really doing it for me.

  4. I got through a tiny bit of it this afternoon, but quickly fell asleep - I guess I'm most exited about Scotty - I think he's a great singer and I don't even enjoy country that much, but even if he doesn't win here, I think he'll go really far in music!

  5. I think I am the ONLY one who does not watch this!


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