Mar 12, 2011

National Mom’s Nite Out

National Mom's Nite Out 2011If you're a mom who doesn't take the time to get out for yourself on a regular basis, here's a great excuse to put something on your calendar and go out for a little time for YOU!!

Check out this video from Maria Bailey, the founder of National Mom's Nite Out!
Moms can learn about events in their area or national and cyber events by visiting the National Mom’s Nite Out website at

About National Mom’s Nite Out
National Mom’s Nite Out™ is timed just before the official Mother’s Day holiday for a reason.  Maria Bailey organized the first National Mom’s Nite Out as, for years, she watched moms take care of everyone else on Mother’s Day, but never themselves. These events give Moms the excuse to take the night off and to celebrate motherhood, without the kids.
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  1. I was disappointed to see there would be none in my area - guess I'll have to call a few friends up and just make our own!


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