Mar 7, 2011

Salsa Sensations Review

I am a salsa fan.  It's sort of odd considering my aversion to tomatoes.  But I liken it to loving someone's children but not liking them.  It's logical, right?  Ok probably not but it simply is the truth.  I have been known on occasion to send my husband for carry out from a dine in restaurant for JUST chips and salsa.  The typical store bought kind of salsa is ok, but sometimes you just feel the need for the good stuff!  So when I got the opportunity to work with Salsa Sensations, I jumped.  Testing one of my favorite things, heck yeah, I can handle that.  Then I found out, I had to try all three varieties, Mild, Medium and Hot.   Hmmm...ok, I AM a salsa fan but I have to admit I usually by the mild from the store.  And even then I still sometimes cool it down with extra salt.  (I have a mild salt addiction!)  But I'm nothing if not brave.  Ok, really I'm not brave at all but I'm not a quitter!! Well, maybe sometimes I'm a quitter, but backing out just wasn't an option for me.  So, I gathered my chips, and some water AND my salt.  And dove in.

But wait, actually first I had to go to Walmart to find Salsa Sensations.  It's in the refrigerated section...near the cheese in case you need some help (you're welcome.) I had to check online before accepting this task to be sure my local Walmart carried Salsa Sensations but when I arrived at the location nearest my house, they only had the Medium variety.  So I grabbed that and a bag of some restaurant style chips.  That evening after my munchkins were in bed, so I didn't have to share cuz I'm stingy like that I tried it!  It is awesome.  With the first bite I thought, 'hey this medium's got nothing" but its the kind that builds.  You know the kind of spice that kicks yeah after you finished chewing the first bite and then you take a breath! OH YEAH, there it is.  And I was in heaven.  It's not the kind of hot that hurts to get down but it has a really good bite to it.  And Salsa Sensations has more pureed consistency than other salsa which I really liked.  I found that it gave a very consistent flavor.  It may also have been just lucky but I typically end up wearing my salsa but this seems less messy too.

After a few trips at a couple local stores, I was only able to find the Medium variety.  Since I devoured the first batch without taking and photos, thinking I'd take photos when I got the other varieties and maybe shared with my family.  Since I couldn't find the other varieties, I got a second container of Medium.  
I can't say I was too disappointed about that.  If I can just find the perfect chip to go with it, I'll never have to send my husband out to a restaurant for chips and salsa again!! Instead I'll just hit Walmart from now on to quench my salsa craving with Salsa Sensations!

Product Info
·        New product – just hit the shelves last September and is already becoming one of the most popular salsas around. Now available in 48 states, so it’s bound to be in a Wal-Mart near you!
·        Available exclusively at Wal-Mart in the refrigerated dairy section
·        Available in three delicious heat levels: hot, medium, and mild
·        Healthy snack:
o       Contains only 10 calories per 2 tbsp serving
o       Fat-free & cholesterol-free product
o       So fresh it needs refrigeration- you won’t find it in the standard salsa & chips isle
·        Made with sun-ripened tomatoes, chopped onions, garlic, cilantro and jalapeno (habaneros are in the hot!)

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  1. It looks amazing!! I'm also a salsa addict, extra salt required and now I REALLY want this salsa.


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