Mar 29, 2011

Totally Timmy Tuesday, Baseball Junior Sports

A while back I started a separate blog for kids book reviews.  But I've found it hard to stay on track with multiple blogs.  So I have decided to bring the feature I had my oldest son, Timmy doing back here to this blog.  We will try and do a review each week, but our schedule and his cooperation, doesn't always allow that.

This week Timmy reviews Baseball: Junior Sports.

Junior Sports Baseball is a very good book to read if you want a young teen or child to learn some important tips to playing baseball like a champ.  It shows proper form and other things you need to know about baseball.  It also gives fun little fact about baseball.  These are some of the things that make this book exciting and motivating and teaches young people well and easily.


  1. Timmy, you did an awesome review! If I ever need a sports book, I am definitely buying that one. Thank you!

  2. Great job Timmy! I think my boys would also like this book. I'm going to let them check it out.

  3. Great job Timmy. I think that's cute that you do your own reviews. I'll have to let Miles check out that book


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