Apr 27, 2011

American Idol Top 6 Perform Carol King Classics

The American Idol contestants worked on Carol King songs.  Since I'm older than all the contestants (enough to be some of their moms) and I had to be filled in on who Carol King was, I'm guessing they wouldn't have been familiar with her music.  I DID know MANY of her songs, just didn't know they were hers! But I was instantly left to wonder how pretty much all the guys would be able to work her songs into a style that suited them.

Casey Abrams
Casey chose "Hi Dee Hoo" which was made most popular by Blood, Sweat and Tears.  There aren't a lot of performance with horns and harmonicas on Idol.  I guess for what it was, it was good.  For me, I'm very much about the lyrics of a song and well....there isn't much there lyrically.  It wasn't my style but he did it well.

Haley Reinhart
Haley chose "Beautiful."  I thought the transition in it was awkward and she hit some sour notes.  I don't think it was a horrible performance at all but I simply don't think it was enough compared to everyone else this week.  I would say it's a safe bet that Haley will be in the bottom three this week and I think she might be in risk of being sent home.

James Durbin
James accepted some online requests to sing "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow."  I LOVE that song.  Of course, I've never heard it like James did it, but I loved his version too.  I'm so glad he he went a little different direction this week. I hope it won some new fans for him because he is amazingly talented and he is a total inspiration for so many who struggle with the challenges life have dealt them!  As Jennifer Lopez pointed out, James hasn't had a weak performance yet! And Randy is calling him the possible season winner!

Jacob Lusk
Jacob, who knows he's getting very close to the end of his run on Idol, decided to try and go big with "Oh No, Not My Baby." But clearly from the bit from his rehearsals he was either going to hit it big or fall on his face with it.  I know it is a singing contest but I thought his outfit was a MAJOR fail this week.  But I do think it was his best performance in weeks! I haven't been a big fan of his, but he made it fun this week and I LIKED it!  The judges also loved it.

Lauren Alaina
Lauren chose "Where You Lead" and got a big "duh" from Babyface when she questioned her ability to hit the big notes the judges have been asking for. And then Jimmy brought in Miley Cyrus to give her a little pep talk.  I thought the background vocals were way too loud as they overpowered her on some of the big notes.  But overall, I thought she did a great job. And the judges were proud that she pushed herself!!

Scotty McCreery
Scotty sang "You've Got a Friend" which totally makes me think of my middle school choir years.  Jimmy Iovine and Babyface tried to help him take it to the next level as the judges have been asking.  And my totally biased opinion, he kicked that songs ass. I LOVED it!  He proved that he is sooo much more than those low notes (which are great)!  He showed some amazing versatility tonight!!!  And the judges totally agreed!

This week the contestants did duets that the judges critiqued also.
Casey and Haley sang "I Felt The Earth Move" together.  I wasn't feeling it at all.  I didn't like when they sang together at all, it felt like Haley was off the entire time.  I did think Casey did well.  But Steven Tyler only had good things to say.

Scotty and Lauren were questioned about their off stage connection before they performed "Up On the Roof."  They claim their are like brother and sister but I have to admit that they'd make a cute couple.  And they make a great musical team too.

That left James and Jacob, which made me curious as soon as I realized it.  The two of them have about as different styles as any contestants on the show.  They sang "Something Good" and it wasn't all that good at all.  Hope this performance doesn't hurt James votes for the week.

Photos and videos courtesy of American Idol online.


  1. I loved James Durbin tonight (as always), he's just simply talented. Lauren needs to let loose, the girl has a huge voice and needs to show us that she is confident! Her voice is amazing! Scotty was great, too. I missed Casey though, was taking care of my kid.

    I think it's the end of the road for Jacob! Wasn't a huge fan of Haley either.

  2. Casey Abrams go home. Then Jacob Lusk. Because I wouldn't listen to them on the radio and would never go to a concert.
    Then Haley can go home.
    James Durbin is good for the top 3, but I love Lauren and Scotty best and want them as the top 2.

  3. I have it DVR'd have to watch it this weekend. I like to wait until both days are taped and watch them together.

    I really liked Pia though.


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