Apr 11, 2011

New Season of Kate Plus 8 Starts Tonight on TLC

In an all new episode of TLC’s KATE PLUS 8, airing tonight, April 11 at 10/9c, two reality TV families meet when the Gosselins visit Australia Zoo --the legacy of the late Steve Irwin and home to his family Terri, Bindi, and Robert Irwin.  As the kids interact with exotic Aussie animals, Kate tries her hand at feeding a crocodile.

Check out this sneak peek:

I am wondering who else will be watching?  I have been watching Kate and the kids since the very beginning.  I'm not to thrilled with the person Kate has turned into but I still love watching those kids.  PLUS I have always love the animals of Australia and am totally jealous of Kate getting to cuddle a Koala!   So fess up, will you be checking out Kate Plus 8??


  1. Not me. I stopped watching some time in season 2. I hated the way Kate treated Jon and the children. :9

  2. Not me I have always seen the person that she is and have never thought that she was healthy for the children or her marriage. The only times I ever watched the show I would just cringe and root for Jon. What a train wreck she is.

  3. I actually haven't ever watched though show before at all neither before or after Jon :)

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  5. I won't be watching either. I no longer have cable, but even when I did one episode was enough to let me know Kate doesn't sit well with me.

  6. Kate has changed a lot and I like her. I do not like her ex hubby. I wached and it was a great show

  7. I don't have cable so I can't watch but I do still like the show. I watched from the time the little kids were 2.5 or so, and I love them, lol. I don't think kate is the devil. I do think the money and fame has gotten to her head, but I don't think she should have the kids taken away or anything like that either. I think that by the time her relationship went sour with jon, they were already too famous to turn back, and I can't blame her for wanting to give her kids a decent life. I can't imagine being a single mom of 8 and making it on a nurses salary.

    It's weird because I used to like jon b4 they split, but he seems like he just woke up and realized 'wow i have 8 kids and am living the married old man life' and then tried to become young again. I can understand that being a daddy of 8 is crazy at 30 years old, but idk what he was thinking? it's obviously too late at that point, lol. He just seemed like he got extremely selfish.

  8. I boycott this show. What a joke. I hate Kate LOL.

    Your picture is missing though that should be in the post?

  9. I stopped watching the show after the first year, it really wasn't something I enjoyed.


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