Apr 20, 2011

Top 7 American Idol Contestants Crank Up the 21st Century

American Idol started off rough for me with a performance from the contestants that have gone home  already.  "So What" is NOT a good song for Paul!  The girls did ok but they were all sort of doing their own thing and not really performing TOGETHER!  Steven Tyler thought they made us reconsider the decision to send them home but I disagree!

Casey Abrams
Casey chose Maroon 5's "Harder to Breath."   I am a big Maroon 5 fan and wasn't too excited for him to do one of their songs.  I just don't think he has the right sound in his voice to do Maroon 5 justice.  He worked the stage but I just didn't like what he did with the song vocally!  And I can't believe he actually had the guts to kiss J.Lo!!

Haley Reinhart
Haley sang "Rolling in the Deep."  I thought it was a good song for her and she did well with it.  It still throws me sometimes that she has such a mature sound at such a young age.  These songs in comes ways feel old for her but she pulls them off and makes me forget how young she is until she starts talking to Ryan after the performance.

James Durbin
James came out with marching drums to do "Uprising" from The Muse.  It wasn't really my style song but it WAS a good performance.  He really puts on a show!  He was definitely the best of the night!!

Jacob Lusk
Jacob picked "Dance With My Father"from Luther Vandross.   When he shared that his father passed away when he was 12, I KNEW there would be crying involved!  Unfortunately he let it get to him to the point that it affected him vocally right off the bat.  He got it back under control and was able to keep going which I thought was very impressive!  I don't know if it was his best performance but it was good and definitely moving!

Lauren Alaina
Lauren sang Sarah Evan's "Born To Fly ."  This is another song I really like and at the risk of my husband telling me I'm way to biased, I thought she did well with it.  It was not flawless and there were definitely a couple of spots where I thought she could have done more with it (knowing the original) but it was good!   But as the judges tried to tell her...she's got more in there!  I hope we will get to see it!!!

Scotty McCreery
Scotty chose "Swingin" from Leann Rhimes.  I can't say I know Leann's version but I DID like Scotty's!  It was fun and he did a good job with it vocally.  It's a catchy song that it very likely to get stuck in your head!  Another strong performance from Scotty even though the judges disagreed and thought it was too safe!

Stefano Langone 
Stefano chose "Closer" by Ne-Yo which is a song I LOVE!  While he has improved with his ability to work the camera and the crowd I just didn't feel this song from him vocally.  His voice got a little too whiney for me when the tempo was faster.

I don't even want to guess at the bottom three because there is just getting to be much of a chance for my favorites to be in it.  I would hope for Stefano, Jacob and Casey (shhh don't tell my husband) just based on my personal preference.

Photos and videos courtesy of American Idol online.


  1. My guess going home is Jacob or even Casey!

    I honestly would say Casey if it was vocal as I don't care for him......but he kissed JLo, so that just got him a spot to stay LOL

    Jacob let the emotions get to him tonight so I think that he'll be the one to go!!

    What a fantastic group they have this year though WOW

    Mommy on the Move

  2. Lauren is looking good. All the best to the team.

  3. I agree with the judges that the performance by the ex-contestants did make me reconsider I'm reconsidering why they didn't get voted off sooner.

  4. That performance by the cast offs was just awful. The girls at first weren't too bad, but once Paul came in, it just all completely fell apart and was terrible.

    I am hoping for Jacob going home tonight, though I fear it might be Stefano who is my favorite.


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