Apr 5, 2011

Totally Timmy Tuesday, Life

Totally Timmy Tuesday was born as a book review spot but this week Timmy came to me and asked if he could write something besides a book review.  And I figured who am I, the queen of blogging randomness, to stiffle his creative juices.  So here's his unedited thoughts for this week.

This week Timmy talks about LIFE!

Life is an adventure that only lasts for awhile.  Some people experience death as a kid, baby or teenager but many lifes are lived and people should be thankful that they even go to live a life because some people die in their mother's stomach but that isn't fun because they had a chance to live a life but couldn't make it until birth.  So even if you die very young you should be happy you even got a life.  Today I'm got to tell you about the life God was kind enough to give me by telling you about my Spring Break 2011. 
I have spent a lot of time playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour Mastersgolf on Wii.  I have played a lot of baseball one time with my cousin already but in a few days I will play baseball with my cousin again when she comes over for our sleepover.  We will also go to the movie theater to see #2 of the Wimpy Kid movie series.


  1. Timmy you are absolutely right. LIFE IS GOOD.

  2. Life is good! And we sometimes forget how thankful and blessed we are!! Great post!!

  3. Sin insightful and wise for someone so young

  4. Timmy,

    You are a very wise boy and you should be proud of your ability to rationalize things. I love you very much and yes you are very blessed, but even more than that we are blessed to have YOU! I love you.


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