May 10, 2011

Beautiful Baby Bedding

There are few things more precious than a sleeping baby.  I think this may be part of the reason that so many moms take so much time in picking out their crib sets for a nursery. For me it was an easy choice because I was in the midst of a Winnie the Pooh addiction when I was expecting my first.  With each subsequent pregnancy, I really wanted to be able have excuse to buy some baby girl bedding.  

I love this modern pink and black set.  I think if they made it in king size I might gt it for myself.  (And then I'd be forced by my husband to return it but it'd totally be worth a shot!)

Because the older boys were born so close together we didn't even have time to take down the crib before the next was in it so I couldn't justify purchasing a new set of bedding.  And then when Bryan came along, well he never actually went into a crib so there was no need for crib bedding.  He never got to have a nursery decorated at all.  But I think if I had taken the time to give him his own room, I'd have chosen some more unique baby bedding, like this adorable Dr Seuss set!  It's fun ans whimsical.  And I haven't had a child who hasn't loved Dr Seuss!  That was my one regret with Winnie the Pooh as a theme, that was MY thing (emphasis on WAS).  If I had it to do all over again I would pick something geared more for THEM than me.

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