May 11, 2011

The First Night of Battle Rounds on The Voice Were Amazing

I have to admit that as a fan of American Idol from day one, I haven't been impressed by too many other talent shows.  When I heard about The Voice, I was a little confused about what they were doing but was intruged by the people they had gotten as judges.  After missing the first episode and watching the reaction all over the internet, I made sure to tune into the encore showing of that first episode.  As a reality TV junkie I think I was more taken with the judges banter than the actual premise of the blind performances.  But it was enough to keep me watching.

I watched, slightly confused by what would occur after the 4 coaches had filled their 8 person teams.  And wondered how they would set this apart from American Idol.  But last night was the first night of the "Battle Rounds" where 2 contestants from the same team perform the same song at the same time.  

The battles began with Frenchie Davis and Tarralyn Ramsey, from Christina Aguilera's team.  Christina chose for them to perform "Single Ladies (put a Ring on It)."  The both did well, but I was totally on board with Aguilera declaring Frenchie the winner.

Watch Tarralyn and Frenchie's performance.

Blake Shelton pitted Tyler Robinson and Patrick Thomas against each other performing "Burning Love."  I love Tyler's quirkiness and he does have a great voice but Patrick is great.  And when he asked Reba McEntire what the most important thing is when you're on stage performing, I just thought he was too cute. I was happy with Blake's decision to keep Patrick despite the other judges preferring Tyler.

Adam Levine's team members Casey Weston and Tim Mahoney sing "Leather and Lace."  I have thought Tim Mahoney was overly cocky since the beginning so despite Cee Lo's comments about liking him better simply because he was so unique and Casey reminded him so much of Stevie Nicks' I was thrilled that Adam chose Casey.

Watch Casey and Tim's performance.

 The show ended on a high note with what was called the best performance of the night by Cee Lo Green's team members Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson who sang "Perfect."  This was the only duo that actually worked together to improve the over all performance and it totally showed.  It was hard to see either of them go and Blake Shelton told Cee Lo he will look back on the decision to pit them against each other as one of the biggest mistakes of his life.  But if forced to chose one, I would have agreed with Cee Lo's decision and kept Vicci.

Are you watching The Voice?  Did you enjoy the first battle round?

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