May 24, 2011

Help For Joplin

Recently I started blogging for a local blog, Little Lake County which was created by a blogger who lives just 30 or so minutes from me that I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting in person.  But there is no doubt in  my mind Melissa from PB In My Hair, is an amazing person.  If you've ever read any of the posts at another blog she helped create, Bigger Picture Blogs, you know that she has an amazing heart.  So when fellow Bigger Picture Blogger, Sarah's town of Joplin, MO was struck by a tornado, Melissa jumped into action to see how she could help.  #Help4Joplin was born and sponsors were contacted and over $1000 worth of auction items have been donated for a fundraiser.  If you have not seen the pictures or heard the stories coming from Joplin, please check out Sarah's latest update here.

The Help For Joplin Auction will take place Wed., May 25 through Fri., May 27 on the Bigger Picture Blogs page.  Here are a few of the generous companies that are supportin Help For Joplin.
Busy Body Books
Card Direct
Discovery Channel
Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes
Jamie Shaw
Prairie Mama
Samster Mommy

Stoneyfield Organics
Tammy Lee Bradley of Bliss and Folly

Twitter Hashtag: #Help4Joplin

Also, if you are local, one of the boys in my kids Cub Scout pack, has family in Joplin and was moved to help.  He (with help from his family) has secured a semitruck to pack with donations for Joplin. This is what they have heard is needed: toothbrushes, toothpaste, deod, shampoo, soap, diapers, formula, bottled water, detergents, all basics, gloves, Non-perishable foods towels, shoes/socks, generators, tents, etc.  If you are local and wish to donate items please let me know and I will be sure to forward additional details as they become available!

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