May 28, 2011

Home Office Help

I may have mentioned before that our family of five, lives in a pretty small house.  Granted it's not the bed sharing, farm house for 14 type of tiny that much of my extended family from 'up nort' have experienced.  But the small rooms and abundance of doorways, coupled with the lack of electrical outlets (psh, yeah I work for an electrician but you know how that goes) makes things a little hard when it comes to finding good working spaces in our house.

I'd really love to have at least two nice computer desks but right now we have one desk top computer on a dilapidated computer...cart.  It's not really fit to be called a desk as there is no actual writing space on it.  And my bed is my desk, thankfully I have light weight laptop.  And the kids have their own MAC but they don't use it nearly as much as they'd like because it has to be taken down off the shelf and put on the coffee table for temporary use.  I think it's high time I start looking for some cheap computer desks and office furniture and turn out sad, make shift office/storage room into a real work space that the whole family could use.  Right now because of the lack of space I do pretty much all our bill paying and paper work at work and keep things filed here.  It's definitely not the ideal solution.  And as the boys get older they will need an area they can really work properly too.

Do you have a workable computer desks in your house? How do you manage sharing them, or do you have your own space?


  1. I'm office-less right now. My desk is my lap. :(

  2. We fortunately have a dedicated home office since my husband works from home 2 days a week. It has a 9 x 9 foot L shaped desk that has enough room for our three desktop computers. We've actually had to buy our last two homes with the consideration of fitting the desk into one of the rooms!

  3. We don't have any desks. Most of the time I use my laptop while sitting on the couch watching TV.

  4. our desk is in the dining room. We downsized our table to fit just our family of four and were able to put the desk at the far end of the room.


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