May 9, 2011

Monday Mingle, 5/9/11

This week’s questions  {week of 5/9/11}
1.  Do you have any plans for Memorial Day weekend?
Is that this month? Eh, it's a few weeks away still. At this point with our insane schedule I am taking it week by week if not day by day.  But typically we don't do much exciting.  This year I hope if can be a day to just catch our breath as we are currently on the go 6 days a week.

2.  What is your favorite Easter Candy?
 This far after Easter our favorite is any kind that's still around ! LOL  Honestly Easter Candy usually lasts until Halloween.  But with a tight budget and knowing that fact, I cut WAAAY back on what I bought this year and we didn't get very much from outside sources this year so we've pretty much polished off what we did have.  But I love creme eggs and whopper eggs.  And I usually have 1 Peep a year.

3.  Which do you like better:  Butter or margarine?  Diet or regular soda?  Pedicure or Manicure?
regular soda (though I try not to drink any of either)
And it's hard to pick between a mani and pedi.  I love them both but almost never get either.  If I had to chose one today I would go for a pedicure but would be hugely embarrassed at how bad my feet currently are.


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  2. We have no plans for Memorial Day either, I ♥ Easter Creme Eggs too - but this year my Mom got the kids Caramilk Eggs (they live in Canada I don't know if you could get them in the US at all), and they were soooo good! Margarine, Diet, Mani.

  3. We never make plans for Memorial Day until a couple days before. :) haha I love love love Cadbury eggs but try to stay away from them - cuz they love me too! ;)

  4. We're visiting my parents and grandparents for Memorial Day weekend. We usually don't plan that far in advance but with our vacation they won't have seen my daughter for a few weeks and are going to need a fix.

    Happy Monday!

  5. Yeah, I haven't even THOUGHT about memorial day!! :)


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