May 20, 2011

My Favorite People

This post was inspired by Mama Kat's Writers Workshop prompts.  Check it out for several other prompts and leave me a comment if you post!

List ten favorite things about one of your favorite people.Since it would be unfair to pick just ONE of my kids, I'm doing a list for EACH of my boys.

Timmy (8 years old)
  1. Your dedication and determination are inspiring.  I don't think I've ever seen such a young man work so hard to be good at the things he loves.  This drive will be able to take you far in life.
  2. Your thirst for knowledge.  Yes you can make me crazy with your constant stream of questions, even when you are supposed to be doing something like brushing your teeth.  But I love that you really desire to learn and understand new things ALL the time.
  3. Your amazing heart.  You are thoughtful and caring.  
  4. Your faith.  I LOVE the Sunday mornings when YOU are the fire that gets us up and moving to get to church because you want to be there.  
  5. Your love for your family.  You are an amazing big brother.
  6. Your help.  You are often my biggest helper when we have something to get done.  You are a great little side kick.
  7. Your memory.  Seriously, you are a life saver sometimes as I seem to have lost my mind.  
  8. Your courage.  While you do get nervous and scared of somethings (usually rightfully so) you are far bolder than I ever was at your age.
  9. That birthmark right between your eye brows.  It's something small and simple but it is just one of a thousand things that make you, uniquely you.
  10. That you are mine!  I know I tell you this all the time but while you are VERY clearly not a baby anymore, you'll ALWAYS be my baby, my FIRST baby.  My love and appreciation for you grows every day.
Johnny (7 years old)
  1. Your laugh.  I could spend an entire day simply listening to you being silly and giggling with your brothers.
  2. Your sense of humor. I love watching you as you hear a joke for the first time and waiting for you to absorb and understand it, and then you always look around to make sure everyone else 'got it' too.
  3. Your independence.  Ever since you were tiny people have commented about how content you can be just off doing your own thing.  You aren't consumed with being part of what every one else is doing.
  4. Your innocence.  I love that simple things still bring you so much joy.  
  5. Your smile.  You have my squinty eyed smile that I hate on me, but LOVE on you!
  6. Your hugs.  I love that you are still willing and wanting to show me how much you love me by crawling up on my lap and hugging me tight! I will definitely take them as long as I can get them.
  7. Your moves.  I see you, when you think no one is watching.  I quietly stand in the hallway watching you bust a move to the tunes in your MP3 player.  It makes me smile and remember doing the very same thing in MY room when I was little.  (Only to little red boom box I recorded my favorite songs onto cassette tapes onto from the radio.)
  8. Your sense of fairness.  Often your need for justice and everything to be equal can be a source of tension in the house.  But I also know that if you keep standing up for what is RIGHT, it will mean great things for you.
  9. Your generosity.  You are always creating something for someone.
  10. Your artwork.  As your brothers desire to create has slowed down (in the name of sports) yours continues to flourish.  I love the colorful pieces that cover our refrigerator.
Bryan (3 years old)
  1. Your voice.  I love your tiny lil guy voice, especially when it's excitedly announcing my arrival home from work.
  2. The thumbs up you give me as you ask, "Does that sound like a plan?" Who can say no to that? Even if the 'plan' involves me pretending to be the Pink Ranger for the 500th time that week.
  3. Your gorgeous blue eyes and those long eye lashes.  All the girls love those eyes, but always remember I was the FIRST to fall for them.
  4. Your belly laughs.  You are truly a happy guy and I love to hear your great big belly laughs.
  5. Your passion.  For just 3 years old you are a very passionate little man.  Even if that passion IS for the Red Ranger or Charlie Brown, I'm sure it's going to grow into great things.
  6. Your love of chocolate.  My little chocolate eating buddy, we could easily make ourselves sick spending time together and enjoying some delicious chocolate all day long.
  7. Your chubby little fingers, cheeks and thighs.  I know they won't be that way for much longer so I'm enjoying every last minute of their chubby cuteness.
  8. Your appreciation of other kids.  When Johnny joined Cub Scouts this year, meaning we'd have to drag you along each week, I thought it could easily be torturous for you.  But then a new boy joined Timmy's Den and he has a little brother.  Now every week as we get ready for Scouts I think you are more excited than anyone, as you ask repeatedly if your "buddy" will be there.
  9. It's selfish, but I love how much you love me.  Some days it's very hard to leave for work because of your sad little face. But it also lets me know how much you love and appreciate me.
  10. Your sense of adventure. I STILL can't get over all the rides you went on LAST summer at Six Flags!  I can't wait for another summer of fun there with you again this season.


  1. Awww your kids seem amazing. I can't wait until I can make a list of all the things I love about my daugher. Katharine is only 6 weeks old though so her dimple and chubby thighs are my favourites so far ha ha. :) x

  2. Timmy, Johnny and Bryan are so sweet and so lucky this will ne a delightful gift for them when they grow up!

  3. Wow, what an awesome post! You can sure feel the love. I'm sure they will love to read this over and over again.

    Happy Friday! I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I'm sure the boys will be really happy reading about the things you have written about them.. I initially though about doing this prompt this week but didn't get around to writing it down..


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