Jun 15, 2011

Have You Crushed It Today?

There are plenty of days where I feel more like I've been crushed than having crushed it?  But I seem to thrive under pressure and this month is full of it for our family.  The calendar is exploding with things to do, many of them baseball related.  My son is in little league and I am blow away by the increased commitment from Peanut to Pony leagues.  We are at the baseball field 3 to 4 days a week.  But to be honest, the thing that has had me the most stressed is keeping him looking good when he has WHITE baseball pants.  Clearly the maker of such a thing was NOT a mom. 
I'm really not a fan of laundry in general but when my son has back to back games that means I get to stay up late and fight the grass stains after a game which ends at 8:30pm.  Thankfully, with the help of some other mom friends (and the power of the internet) I seem to have found the right combination of products so that these white little devils don't have to rewashed multiple times and come out looking great. 
So, yeah, I'm feeling a little like SuperMom, with the power to knock out stains!  I totally #CrushedIt this week!

And Chiquita asked me to celebrate some other's who've also #CrushedIt in my community by sharing Chiquita crushed fruit snack product with them.  So I made a trip to Dominick's to pick up enough for my favorite local little league team. I bet you can't guess who they could be.  Read all the details of my trip here.

So far they have not been able to win a single game, but they still get out there every single game and play their hearts out!  You can tell they get frustrated some days but they still keep trying and keep a good attitude.  My absolute favorite thing is when they are supportive of each other even after a loss.
check out those clean pants, there is some color cast to this photo but I swear they are white as can be

So yesterday, after another hard fought lost, we greeted them with a cooler full of ice cold refreshment from Chiquita.  They all loved it and left all smiles! 
We're still hoping for a win or two but honestly I couldn't be prouder of them even if they don't win a single game!!

Check out how Chiquita is honoring other who have Crushed It on Twitter and Facebook

Disclosure: This project has been compensated as part of a #CrushedIt shopping mission for Chiquita. #CollectiveBias” However, all opinions expressed are my own honest personal feedback.

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  1. That makes me really want to try it!!! It sounds so refreshing!

    Yay for your boys regardless!


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