Jun 7, 2011

Look Out David Beckham

If you are at all into soccer, or pop culture, you know David Beckham.  He's talented and the girls drool over him.  But I tell ya he's got nothing on my little soccer star!
This week was the final game of Johnny's spring soccer season and man did he play his heart out!  Although we aren't officially supposed to be keeping score, their team finished with a perfect 8-0 season.  But what makes me prouder is how hard they all worked.  And every single one of them scored in their 10-0 game to finish the season on a SUPER high note. 
Johnny had a great time playing and we already signed up for the coming season. 

Whoever thought being a 'Soccer Mom' was a bad thing, has never had the chance to experience the joy their child can have playing soccer!!
This is Johnny's coach, who worked hard with them but let them really have fun too and it totally showed.  We will truly miss him if he isn't our coach next season!


  1. Now I'm proud of him too! Way to go Johnny!

  2. Oh he is a cutie pie!! Way to go big boy!!!


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