Jul 24, 2011

Do You Have Upholstered Headboards?

As I've mentioned before I have a really old water bed frame in our master bedroom.  I have to say its one of those ginormous shelved headboards that came in pretty handy over the years for storing bottles and formula for the middle of the night feedings.  And it MAY have on occasion been a good place to keep my 'special' treats that I don't feel like sharing with my kids (although they MAY have figured this out).  And more recently as I look at more modern beds with king headboards, I wonder where I'll keep my gadgets?
Yes, I know I'm not supposed to be 'plugged in' in the bedroom.  I'm not supposed to do work there, so I sleep better, but honestly, I sleep JUST fine.  So what I'd like is to be more comfortable while I'm sitting up doing that work that shouldn't be done in bed but totally is.  So what I really want is an upholstered headboard.  Back in the day where every channel on TV had a DIY or room make-over show, I had convinced myself that WE (yes, my husband and I) would make one ourselves.  But since that hasn't happened, and in reality, WE don't make a good duo on project, I'm still waiting to be struck by the perfect new bed.  And in the meantime, I wonder each morning when this bed I have will finally give up and fall apart as the noises it makes each day seem to be threatening to do!


  1. The bed in the photo is pretty! Every bed in my house is upholstered (guest room serves as the ironing station/purse storage at the moment, but it'll be done up with an upholstered one too!). Those DIY projects look so inticing don't they?! Can't wait to see what you end up getting!

  2. I love to read in bed, so this would be so much nicer than leaning my head against the hard wooden rails of mine!

  3. I don't, but now that I know they exist, I kind of want to.


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