Jul 18, 2011

We Have Power!

Last week we had a nasty storm roll through our area Monday morning. It was actually the third severe storm we've had this summer.  But Monday's storm, which was a scary one, left me without power at home and at work.  Thankfully, our power was back on within 10 hours at home.  We lost no food and didn't have to attempt bedtime without lights with kids who sleep with a light on.
However, we spent ALL week without power at work.  I went in each day and did the little I could without a computer or phone and then sat and waited to see if the power would come back.  To say I'm a little behind on my 'real' work would be accurate, but I also use my down time at work to do my blogging stuff too.  So I'm behind on that too.  So this morning I was doubley happy to see the lights on as I pulled up to my office.  And triple glad when I consider how HUMID it is today.  So hopefully I will be able to get back on track this week.

So what is the longest you've ever been without power?


  1. I think the longest for me was about 3 days. Now I'm in an area where everything is underground and it seems to make a difference. The winds always knocked down power lines at my last house. Here that's not an issue.

    Glad you're back!

  2. Glad you have power back. We were without power due to an ice storm for 3 days one winter. It seemed like forever.

  3. I think 2 days, maybe more? So glad you have your power back, yay!


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