Aug 4, 2011

Lost Art of Letter Writing

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Someone please tell me I was not the only girl who had a collection of pen pals in her youth?  I LOVED getting mail!  And while I can't honestly remember much about any individual pen pal I ever had because most dropped off after too terribly long it was fun to share secrets with someone I'd never met.  Maybe that's why I fell in love with blogging too.

I am wondering if anyone still does this is this day and age?

I've seen Tweets referencing pen pals, or looking for pen pals for their kids. But I haven't seen anyone writing about their kids actually HAVING pen pals.  My oldest is almost 9 and actually write great letters but despite his attempts, he hasn't had luck getting much in return. 

In my day when one pen pal stopped writing, I'd simply flip open my latest issue of Tiger Beat, or the like, and pick some one new to try writing.  But since I'm pretty sure my son would rather eat rocks than touch a magazine with the Biebs on the cover, I'm not sure how to go about helping him find someone to be pen pals with.  He's chatty, he usually writes three or four page letters so getting a one sentence note back is rather disheartening.  And he talks about sports...a lot.  So he'd probably want a pen pal who liked sports.  but beyond that, I doubt he'd be picky.

Did you ever have a pen pal? How did you find them?


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