Aug 24, 2011

#MurphyUSA Kid’s Snack Shop

Last week I  was asked to visit my local Murphy USA and shops for some kids snacks.  This sounded great to me as I regularly stop there for gas because it's typically one of the cheapest prices and I get an additional 10 cents off a gallon with my Walmart card.  But I honestly almost never go in to the shop.  The one at our location is small and often very busy.  

But armed with my list I was off in search of Slim Jims (2/$2), Little Debbie Snacks (.59/ea), Vitaman Water and Smart Water (2/$2), and Gatorade (2/$3).  I took my brand new shiny phone (with front facing camera) and shot a couple videos and many photos of my mission.

As usual, even well before traditional lunch time on a weekday, the place was very busy.  I was nervous about being able to get the photos I needed in such tight quarters but I was able to get all the shots and products I needed without annoying anyone. (I can NOT, however, say the same for the guy buying 18 billion lotto tickets in a store with only one register).   But the cashier apologized for the wait, rang me up quickly and had me back to work in no time.  Gee, thanks a lot!

I left the store with my photos and two bags of snacks.  I took these goodies
home and shared with my kids who were more than a little suspicious of these purchases because although I regularly buy sweets, I typically hold the lovely colored beverages like Vitamin Water and Gatorade for sporting events or times when they really need to stay hydrated.  Red and blue drinks aren't often found INSIDE our house!  But they inhaled the Little Debbie Snacks.  I bought 2 packages of Cloud Cakes (2 in each package and I ate the extra...just to be fair) and 3 big Oatmeal Cream pies so there was no fighting.   And then tried the Slim Jims.  They only had Zesty Garlic in the size I was challenged with buying but they didn't seem to even notice it was wasn't what I usually get (yeah I have a think for Slim Jims and beef jerky and often purchase it as an impulse buy.)  Then they washed it all down with Vitamin Water and Gatorade.  (I admit it, I drank the Smart Water.  I get it all the time and they had no interest in it as it was boring old CLEAR water.)

And I would have some fun video to share with you of all of this and my great photos....except that I lost my phone this weekend before I had a chance to upload them.

Hope you'll take a chance to check out the great deals at your local Murphy USA.  And check out these great links for more info on all the brands I've mentioned.

Murphy USA 

Disclosure: This shop/project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback.


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