Sep 6, 2011

A Day In The Life of a Working Mom: Evenings!

4:05p: Realize it's past four. Why am I still here!?

4:07p: "Where are my keys?"

4:10p: Crank up the radio and hit the road for home

4:20p: Realize I took nothing out for dinner.

4:25p: Pull into McDonald's, Happy Meals, BOY toys please!

4:35p: Turn the radio volume down some so kids can't hear me a block away.

4:40p: Pull in the driveway and honk for some help carrying in the gourmet meal.

4:42p: "Which ones mine? Did you get me chocolate milk? Did you get BBQ sauce? What kind of toys do they have? But wanted a snack wrap! You promised I could get the SIX piece next time!"

4:43p: "I missed you all too, thanks!"

4:45p: Realize McDonalds forgot my freaking sandwich!

5:00p: "Did everyone get their homework done?" "Uh-huh!"

5:15p: "Begin hunting for soccer/basketball/baseball gear/Cub Scout uniform to get one or more children to practice/game/meeting.

5:25p: Find all equipment or give up trying.

5:30p: Ask child(ren) to change for the 11th time.

5:40p: Announce that I am leaving for said sport/meeting in 5 minutes if anyone cares to attend they need to be ready.

5:41p: "Where are my keys?"

5:45p: Exit the house

5:46p: Return to the house for water bottle, Scout book etc

5:55p: Arrive to meeting/sport typically before anyone else.

6:00p: Greet other parents, pretend to not be exhausted or thinking about who will be sent home from my favorite TV show that I hope I set the DVR to record.

6:05p: Consider options for a place to hide and take a nap.

6:15p: Decided to take out iPad instead.

6:17p: Put iPad away. Angry Birds music attracted too much attention and 100 8 year old hands wanted a turn.

6:30p: Wish I would remember just once to bring myself something to drink.

7:30p: rejoice that the last hour went surprisingly quickly

8:00p: Wrangle kids into car so we can get home!

8:05p: Give detailed intructions for when we get home: medicine, teeth brushing, etc

8:07p: Repeat instructions for the third time.

8:09p: Break up fight in kitchen

8:11p: Break up fight in bathroom

8:15p: Announce that anyone wanting a book read must be seated and quiet NOW!

8:20p: Read one book per kid at super sonic speed

8:30p: Give hugs and kisses

8:35p: "Yes, get a drink but make it QUICK!"

8:40p: "Didn't you JUST pee?"

8:42p: "No, no more water, othewise you'll just be back out to pee again.
8:42 1/2p: "I know I AM the meanest mom in the world!"

9p: If I'm lucky...peace and quiet!


  1. Call me crazy but I sort of miss those days.

  2. I am exhausted for you after reading that! xo

  3. I'm exhausted and I wasn't even there!


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