Sep 26, 2011

Dear Mr. Zuckerman

Hey there Mark, I can call you Mark, right? I mean after all you can now see every move I make on your site so it would see we are pretty familiar and should be on a first name basis.
I realize you create this great site called Facebook where I spend entirely too much of my time and for which you charge me nothing. HOWEVER, as a blogger I also know about this lil thing called monetization. I KNOW you don't work for free.  So no matter how many people think they need to suck it up when it comes to changes, I know that you need us to be on your site.  I know our page views equal $$$ for you and your hard working team.  I admit, I have been apprehensive about most of the changes you have rolled out in the past, they always take some getting used to. But usually after a day or two, and some help from my friends occasionally to find the features I can't locate I am all good.  I relearn things and move on. 
But these new "improvements," I can't roll with them.
I in no way shape or form want to see every single comment that any of my friends make on Facebook.  I have tried changing my 'subscription' settings to only see status and photo updates but its NOT working.  I also want to be able to change something so that all my friends don't see every comment I make. Not that I am trying to hide anything but seriously what is the need.  If there is someone out there that really want to see this, why not make those, like TWO people have to change all their settings.  You could even give it a one click application and call it the "Super Stalker Setting" or something catchy like that.
I know lots of people are super hyped about the new timeline profiles, and I can't say that I have opinion about this but I am wondering if it wasn't rolled out just to distract people from this crazy invasion of privacy that is the first phase of these latest changes.
If you could please tell me how to just change these things back...just so I don't see every time my friends make some lame comment and they don't see my smart assedness either, I will fully love you again.  I swear I will refresh the hell out of my page so you can watch that ad revenue flow in. PLEASE! Pretty Please!

Confused and Frustrated
see more than half the things here are comments on other people's stuff!!


  1. I wish I could even understand the purpose behind some of these changes. They're maddening!

  2. I hate that scrolling box. My clients can figure out just how much time I spend on FB :(


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