Oct 6, 2011

Just Own It! #OwnChicago

With the launch of Nike's latest running show and in honor of the Chicago Marathon THIS Sunday, Nike is launching as hastag campaign asking how you #OwnChicago.  Every person who tweets sharing how they #OwnChicago will have their avatar photo included in a giant mosaic that will live in Niketown Chicago.

If you are participating in the marathon, or are one of so many who aspire to do a marathon, this video is for you.

If, however, bending over and tieing your shoes leaves you more winded than a marathon runner, you are still invited to share how you #OwnChicago.

I personally feel like I #OwnChicago whenever I introduce someone to something new. This past weekend I was able to host 30 people at a private party at Skydeck Chicago.  Most of these people had never been out on The Ledge and none of us had ever experienced at night, let alone VIP style.  There is simply no way to not feel like you #OwnChicago when you are standing HERE....

 So I want to know, how do you #OwnChicago

Disclosure: This VIP party was part of my Skydeck Ambassadorship but I have not been compensated for sharing about this event.  I am however being compensated by ike for sharing the information about their #OwnChicago campaign as part of chicagobloggernetwork.com .


  1. This sounds like a fun campaign, it will be cool to see the mosaic. I would love to visit the Skydeck one of these days.

  2. I may now #OwnChicago, but I definitely LOVE that city! It's beautiful and has amazing food!

  3. Chicago is nice! However, I'd have a heart attack if I was on the skydeck. I'm so afraid heights! ~lol~

  4. Oh that picture of you all is AWESOME!

  5. I lived in the burbs of Chicago for five years, and miss it. That's a great photo, but you couldn't pay me to stand on that sky deck. LOL.

  6. Love the video! I am running the marathon on Sunday!! YAY!

  7. That is such a fab photo. Never been to Chicago but maybe I have to put it on my 'to visit' list. That's after Hawaii though :P


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