Oct 14, 2011

LeapFrog Product Party

Looking for THE THING for this Christmas?  This is it!  I hear there are similar items coming out from other makers, and I haven't had the chance to check them out but this one is a HUGE hit with kids of all ages.  We got to give it and the Tag reading system a test run with kids of some of my friends when we all got together for a party downtown a couple weekends ago.  From 2 - 10 year olds, they all found something to love.  I think the biggest draw, especially for my own kids was how similar to an actual iPad it is.  With a camera with photo and video capability to the app menu layout, it does have an iPad feel.
My three year old has been addicted to my iPad2 since I got it.  He plays it all the time. To the point I can't usually use it while he's around or he'll drive me insane with his sweet (and sometimes not so sweet) requests to 'pway sumtin' on it.  But when I opened the LeapPad and introduced it as his very own iPad, he was thrilled.  There are lots of great games for him to play, eBooks to read and even a camera so he can take his own photos.  He was not however thrilled to learn that it holds profiles for three kids, so he has to share with his brothers.  But I love it because it can be customized for each one of them and the games remember them and their levels.  With a 3 year old still just learning his letters and grade school kids reading at middle school (plus) level, there aren't a lot of educational games that can fit them all.  This one really does...assuming the older boys can pry it out of his hands.

After he got a chance to check it out.  We got to introduce some friends to the LeapPad and Tag systems at a great party.  Unfortunately I didn't factor in the battery life and after taking them out for the kids on the train TO the party, the batteries were dead before we were at our party destination.  (I thought I had back up batteries but apparently the rechargable ones had been put inot the charger upside down!)
But all the kids really enjoyed the two systems on the train.  There was even plenty of sharing going on!
I am once again floored at technology I don't understand.  In the past we have had books that had pen 'readers' with them but they always used cartridges.  That is all well and good, if you don't live in a house of boys who also happen to have ADHD.  Small things like those cartridges get lost VERY quickly in our house, unless its used under careful supervision.  So those readers were often put up, and sometimes forgotten about because they were up.  The Tag system doesn't use any cartridges. I really don't' understand how it can work on all these different things with no cord or cartridge.  But it does.   Ah technology!  This means there is only the book and the pen to worry about, no more small parts. (The pen isn't huge but substantially larger then the teeny tiny cartridges our other system had.)  As with the LeapPad, I would recommend investing in some rechargable batteries if you don't already have them as they do seem to go through them rather quickly.  (But still well worth it in my opinion.)

This map is amazing.  The regular Tag books are a little too young for my older boys who are really strong readers but this Interactive World Map (which is double sided) is amazing. for them.  I am HORRIBLE at geography, always have been so they were quickly doing better at the games than I was.  But they loved it because it was something challenging.  Something really new for them as we just haven't had games that covered this sort of stuff.  It IS large so it needs a good sized table, or the floor to work on.

The books for the Tag system are pretty much what you will be used to if you've ever used a similar system.  You can have the story read to you, use the pen to read individual words, or have it sound out individual sounds.  There are also lots of things in each illustration that are interactive.

Leap School for LeapPad, is great.  It has a ton of activities for every level.  My personal favorite is a letter writing game that has my littlest student FINALLY recognizing some letters and able to write a few of the easier ones!!  This is a HUGE breakthrough for us.
I swear he is always playing with it!

  • LeapPad™ learning tablet- LeapPad is the personalized learning tablet just for kids with a built-in camera and video recorder! LeapPad offers limitless learning and endless play through a library of 100+ cartridge games and activities with innovative creativity and reading apps! This tablet is the ultimate combination of high-tech features in a kid-friendly form factor! Touch the screen with a finger, tap it with the stylus or turn, twist and shake it for exciting motion-based gameplay! A broad curriculum includes school basics like reading, mathematics and science, plus geography, art, music, language and culture, health and more. Skill levels adjust automatically so kids can learn at their own pace, and progress is remembered from game to game and book to book. LeapPad also hosts a robust suite of creativity apps to nurture kids' innate curiosity! LeapPad just launched in August and is deemed "sure to be a toy-of-the-year" by the media.
  • Tag™ Reading System - Tag is the #1 selling reading system and recommended by 99% of teachers to help kids learn to love reading. Tag brings stories to life with each touch of the interactive Reader to the pages of specially printed storybooks. Words talk, pictures come to life and stories live out loud, engaging children's senses to make reading a rich, fulfilling experience. Children can use Tag as they begin their own personal learn-to-read journeys, then continue to enjoy it as their skills grow, from hearing an entire story read aloud to seeking help with individual words. With a library of 40+ books, maps and more, children can also take the fun beyond reading with fun play patterns that broaden curriculum experiences such as exploring other cultures, building skills in life science or even learning how to write!
Disclosure: I received the products featured here to share with our friends and family.  All opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback.


  1. When you posted before I considered the tablet and now I feel like I have to get it for my youngest for Christmas! It looks awesome and he loves his Tag already.

  2. Looks like everyone had fun!

  3. My kids love their tag systems.
    I have thought about getting the leap pad.

  4. I've heard of the leap pad. Glad your kids enjoy it!

  5. I think both my boys would love this.

  6. We've got the Tag and love it! Just not quite sure I can splurge for the LeapPad just yet.

    Looks like everyone had fun! Boo about your batteries.

  7. Love leappad - great interactive toys, always getting better!

  8. My husband and I were just discussing Christmas gifts this week and we decided on the LeapPad for our son. He LOVED the iPod touch, but he spilled a cup of coffee all over it *ahem* so I'm glad we'll replace it with something much more kid friendly. Now, let's just hope it doesn't get a drink spilled on it!

  9. My two middle kids are always using theirs!


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