Oct 12, 2011

Oprah's Lifeclass Lesson 1: The False Power of Ego #OprahsLifeclass

Lesson 1: The False Power of Ego

It was one of her biggest regrets. In a candid hour, Oprah reveals what she now thinks about one of her most talked-about moments. Plus, she offers advice for knowing when your ego is getting the best of you and ways to help set yourself straight.
 I'm sure that there are so many ways that my ego affects my life, but I know the biggest is within my marriage. I have not had the confidence in myself or my value in a relationship since the very beginning.  Because we did things a bit 'out of order' I struggled with feeling secure that he was with me because he wanted to be and not because at first it was a way out of where he was, and then because we were having a baby.  By the time we were married I felt he proved that I wasn't enough with his drinking, staying out and just generally making me feel unworthy of coming home to or being happy with.  Things have changed a LOT but my mindset hasn't!  And as I work through the words of Oprah's Lifeclass I realize that this fear (ego) is a HUGE factor in how I interact with him every single day!  

This is clearly something I will have to dig deeper into and figure out how to work out!!!

How does you EGO affect your life?


  1. Watching this episode really made me think that I need to review how I function in my relationship as well. Especially when the one viewer mentioned that she did so much for others so they would love her. That sounded way too familiar.

  2. I need to watch these. I have a feeling a lot of things she will be teaching in this class will hit home and make a lot of people think.

  3. Interesting. We just discussed the power of pride and fear in our Bible class last night, and how each affects our actions.

  4. I try not to let negativity be a part of my life. It's really hard though.

  5. Ego, pish posh, I have no idea what you are talking about. Actually, I know a lot about what you're talking about because that word has many similarities to pride. We all struggle with it in some way or another.


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