Nov 29, 2011

Chasing Your Dreams, 2 Broke Girls Style

2 Broke Girls reminds us that laughter is the key to our hearts. The People have spoken and the two lovable gals of 2 Broke Girls have been nominated for best New TV Comedy. Please don't forget to vote for 2 Broke Girls in The People’s Choice Awards of 2012.

The funny ladies from 2 Broke Girls are also very determined to fulfill their dream of opening a cupcake business.  I have to honestly say there haven't been many dreams in my life that I have been able to fulfill.  I think this is mostly do to a lack of confidence in myself or not believing I deserved the things I dreamed of. That is the great part of Max and Caroline's relationship, Max has a talent and a love of making cupcakes, but Caroline is the one with the confidence to drive them to their goal.  I have to say that my husband has been a strong driving force in the dream that I am currently working to achieve. I would like to someday make writing/social media  my only job.  I LOVE experiencing new things and  sharing them with others.  But I have never had the confidence in myself to pursue these types of dreams before. I WANTED to go into broadcast journalism in college but was convinced it was too competitive of a field.  Since I began my blog my husband has been my biggest cheerleader, reminding me that I AM good at doing this thing I enjoy and encouraging me to take the time to invest in this dream.  I still have a ways to go before I can say I have achieved it but I feel like I am at least heading down the right path and I truly do not believe I would have ever been able to do it alone.  My husband (and my kids) are totally MY Caroline.  

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote WBTV shows nominated in the People's Choice Awards.

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  1. I have never seen this show. I need to figure out when it is so I can watch it!


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