Nov 9, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday, Timmy!

 I can't believe it's been nine years since I started motherhood by declining to hold you immediately after you were born.  But don't worry, I promise, I loved you more than I can explain at that very moment.  I was just very tired and felt very weak and was terrified of dropping you because my arms felt like jello.
After I took a few minutes to rest, I gathered you in my arms and let you know just how much I loved you.  As you peaked at me through half open eyes, my heart melted.  You HAD me at hello!
Within those first few hours of your life you were surrounded by people who loved you and many of them began commenting about what an old soul you seemed to have.  It wasn't something I could see or understand then, but it didn't take long to realize they were right.  You were so smart, so wise and so mature from the very beginning. 
You continue to be smart and wise and very kind.  You are the best big brother I have ever known.
Your dedication and desire to do your very best at everything you do makes me so proud to be your mom. 
I hope you have an amazing 9th birthday!  I can't believe this is your last year in single digits!


And  just had to add this video because you were singing it, well sort of signing it "Annie are walking, Annie are walking", this morning when I woke up!!


  1. Happy birthday to your son! What a handsome young man!

  2. Happy birthday to you son! (And congrats on surviving 9 years of motherhood!)

    And I also didn't want to hold my son right away...I was shaking so bad and freezing cold and afraid I'd give him "shaken baby syndrome." Seems funny in retrospect. :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Timmy! Congrats to mommy for 9 years of raising a great little boy!

  4. Happy birthday, Timmy! He sounds like a really great kid, Lisa! You DO deserve an A!

  5. Love that he's an old soul. Happy Birthday to him!


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