Nov 4, 2011

I get an A

That's right, I'm giving myself an A.  And while I'm at it, through a nice shiny gold star on it too because I feel like I MIGHT just be doing something right with my kids.

Today was Parent Teacher conferences at the boys school (and based on facebook and twitter a lot of other schools across the country) and I am literally beaming with pride!  My third grader made the Superior Honor Roll with 3 100% and 3 99% grades.  That is seriously mind blowing to me. We won't discuss the kind of grades I was getting in third grade when I attended the same school!  I am thrilled as can be with his teacher who is allowing him to do advanced work on a consistent basis as soon as he masters their current work.  His test scores (NWEA) are off the chart for math and ONE point from being off the chart for his grade in reading.  His teacher allowed him to set his own goals for what he will be working on to continue to improve his scores and some of those things include alliteration, similes, metaphors and inference (which the teacher had to explain to ME) for reading and fractions, area, perimeter etc in math.  He will continue with his novel work for reading and will be starting on a 5-6th grade piece in the next week or two.  He will continue working on his space research project and has been doing some work with atoms and the periodic table for science (all independent work).  And starting this coming week he will be allowed to work independently in the 4th grade math text whenever they are reviewing current topics in class.  I'm really not sure who I am more impressed with at this point, HIM or his teacher!!  So so nice to feel like he is really getting what he needs this year.
And Johnny, my quiet content little thing.  He is doing just as well. He is off the chart on his test scores (NWEA) as well.  He is participating more in class and making himself heard (volume wise) which has been a big issue for him.  His teacher is thrilled with his behavior as well as his work.  She says he always stays busy if he finishes something early (which he almost always does) he simply gets out a book to read or works on their math games.  He also set some goals, though a little more general to help him keep his already crazy high scores on the rise.

I am over the moon happy with the work my boys are doing this year!! And despite my desire to take all the credit for this I simply can't.  While I do hope that the things that my husband have been doing for years has really nurtured their abilities, most of what they are is simply God given.  You see my kids (and yours) are truly the most amazing miracles ever.  I have my share of hair pulling moments, don't get me wrong but when I'm not searching for their mute buttons, because they CAN be crazy loud Xs three, I am seriously in awe of who they are becoming.  I can only pray that I have MANY MANY more years of being able to watch them grow into the amazing men I know they have been blessed with the talent and hearts to be!

Today I am truly thankful for the gift of my children!  And as much as I want to, I can't really take that shiny gold star, but the one who deserves it already holds a whole galaxy of them so maybe he'll let me hang on to this one!


  1. I'm glad to hear they are doing well in school. I love reading posts like this. You are an awesome mama!

  2. This is awesome! I bet you were one proud mama!! You are a great mom!

  3. You've got to love conferences like that. Somehow... there's always something our children do that makes it all worthwhile. It's a shame that so much of the work for your child has to be independent though. I only wish Illinois had mandatory gifted education like so many other states....

  4. L - I'm so happy to hear this school year is working our for your brilliant man!

    ps - just wondering what company you work with for reviewing the DS games? Would love to be added to this network!


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