Nov 23, 2011

Prepare for Winter with Teflon SHIELD Wiper Blade

Teflon SHIELD Wiper Blade Performance:
Teflon® SHIELD wiper blades provide a quieter wipe and longer blade life.

All-weather performance allows greater visibility because the hinged shell helps shield the blade from snow and ice-clogging.

Teflon® surface protector helps protect the wiping element from extreme temperatures and significantly reduces friction - improving wear resistance.

Teflon® SHIELD wiper blades are engineered to conform to today’s highly curved windshields.

Teflon® SHIELD wiper blades are available nationally at Advance Auto Parts.
Thanks to Teflon I was able to get a set of wipers to try out myself and I have been impressed so far.  But the real test is yet to come as we enter the nasty Illinois winters.  I will try hard not to be tough on my wipers this year.  I often get anxious to get the windshield clear so I can get going in the morning and have, on more than on occasion, basically ripped my wipers apart.  Last winter we started pulling the wipers up off the glass when we thought about it to prevent them from freezing and this year I learned that a vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle will melt frost quickly so I'll be giving that a shot too.  But a good qualify set of wipers will really make a huge difference as we face the slush and muck that IS a Chicago winter.
Give them a try yourself this winter and while you checking them out online, don't forget to enter for a chance to win a trip for two to NASCAR


  1. I need new wiper blades so bad! The passenger side is all fuzzy and crappy, but the drivers side is still good so I'm just being lazy.

  2. These look like great wiper blades!


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